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I mistakenly thought a muse equated a person you emulated.  So in that sense I guess I’ve never had a muse.

It was automatic in my world, or my thought processing, to cogitate on something heard or seen, said or done, from a half dozen different angles, and reach a conclusion.  And yes there were occasions when, it might take a considerable length of time, if it were a deep thought provoking word phrase idea or action, before I would come to a heartfelt conclusion on the subject at hand.

Perhaps I’ve missed out, not having a muse in the traditional sense of the word.  For I have always foraged ahead, independently choosing my path in the world seeking no other to bounce ideas off of.

Would it have enriched or changed my life in a meaningful way?  I couldn’t say.  Perhaps in the future I will find a muse, that person that I can sit with for hours and  examine ponder and rethink events in the world and their meaning.

For now, I am but a sponge, taking in, enjoying and being enriched by all the words phrases ideas and thoughts around me.  I don’t mean in an arrogant egotistical I’m right and the rest are wrong type of way, but in an open considering thoughtful way.



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