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Directions on washing clothes to be precise

So colours don’t run or garments shrink size

You notice a pair of beautiful shoes, your eye drawn

Labels explain the fit and whether it’s right or wrong

Sadly people too often grouped assigned and labeled

Swept aside categorized diminished and tabled

Perhaps to get a handle on understanding

Was what was meant but ended in branding

Labels diminish cut down and destroy

Applied to humans brings conflict turmoil

There is but one label that fits all mankind

It called being “human” beautifully designed

Please tuck all those labels away, no longer used

So all mankind wherever they are, no more abused














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What is stylish today is outdated tomorrow.  Our preoccupation with styles leads to an ever constant change in how we fashion our hair even the clothes and accessories we wear.  Often movies are easily identified as a result of styles whether it’s the 20’s  50’s  80′ and so on.

I’ve always worn what appeals, what I enjoy and am comfortable in.  If it were considered stylish, then perhaps on occasion, I was, but I always wore that which flattered.

Interestingly “stylish” often pertains to what is popular in thought and ideals readily accepted without consideration.  Certainly there are foods we should avoid in excess. Yet when you consider changes in the marketplace, you notice whole sections of foods that are now “fashionable” to eat and not necessarily appropriate for our particular body and health considerations.

“Style” also influences our views on politics, religion, even what is acceptable as a “norm” for society.

Certainly, time will make clear whether what we perceive as valuable truly is or whether it was only “stylish” and of the moment.



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