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Colours and You

Many were interested in how colour works for you.

I’ll add a little more and hopefully, this will make it easier for you to discern if you’re interested which colour best suits you.

Winter – Stark white or black

Heritage plays a big part in colours.  Of course these aren’t fast rules as we are a mixture of nationalities but for the most part, Europeans, Asians, East Indian and some Native Indians (with ink black hair) are winters as are many with dark brown hair.  Dark brown or chocolate coloured eyes

Summer – Powder blue, Dark chocolate brown

Blonds or brunettes with “ash” highlights with green or hazel eyes (translucent skin tones) some brown eyes

Spring – Periwinkle blue

Blonds, brunettes with soft brown or blue eyes some green but with gold flecks

Autumn- Orange (like the fruit)

Dark brown hair, or hair with red or auburn highlights or bright red hair (usually) eyes can vary from brown to golden brown, cognac

These are very basic descriptions.

If you wrap an article of clothing or scarf around your neck, hiding all other colours and look directly at your face (and any “flaws” you wish to hide disappear) this is your colour.  If said flaws are accentuated, then it’s not your colour. If you look drained, tired, washed out, this won’t be a colour for you.

Hope this helps.





Of course, the first thing that popped into my head was “Purple Rain”.

I took a course years ago about colours.  Seasons if you will.  Basically the entire human race is divided into seasons, Summer, Winter, Spring and Fall.

You can wear any colour, that’s true, but there are colours that flatter you, make you look younger, slimmer, taller, just “fresher” while other colours make you appear tired, highlight “flaws” such as pimples, scars, lines etc, you know the things we all want to disappear.”

spring 2summer 2winterautumn 1colour me beautiful differences

Hopefully you can see the variety of colours and interestingly the shade of purple in each season is quite different.

Some winters, choose autumn colours as they are both strong colour.  Some springs choose summer as they are the softer colour pallets.

Whether you believe colours matter or not, give it a shot, use a scarf, well anything in a specific tone so that no other colour is around your face.  If you notice your (teeth for example) are “yellow” as opposed to white, it’s not your colour.

I love purple, one of my favourite colours next to red which is my favourite colour.

If your wardrobe is full of black, and it’s not your colour, then wrap your colour around your neck a scarf, necklace, whatever, which will soften the look and change the colour scheme.

Another way to tell is when you buy a new outfit and everyone looks down and your thinking, my face is up there! (it may or may not be the boobs wink wink) but having said that,  the eye is drawn to the colour and not you since it’s not your colour.   Conversely, if you buy a new outfit and nothing is mentioned but the other person stares at your face, it’s because the colour does suit you and their eyes are drawn to your face.

Take care and enjoy your colours (especially purple) haha.


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