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Bright and Clear

The day dawned bright and clear

Oh what a beautiful sight

It filled her with great cheer

Her spirits lifted it was a highlight

Sitting in the early morning sun

Peace and tranquility were hers

Coffee in hand it was a home run

Creative juices flowing stirred

A delightful beginning to set the day

Nothing to rain on her parade

No errands to run, a mini holiday

As she faced the day happily unafraid







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Exquisite is a word I often use

To express beauty so profuse

Odes composed delightfully bespeak

The elegant curve of a baby’s cheek

Or architecture so well crafted

Superb, excellent, well fashioned

What of the first snowfall of the year

Fragile, delicate yet fills us with cheer

The beauty found in friendships dear

Overflowing with joy and great cheer

A piece of poetry or a great read

Touching our heart filling a need

Much in our world can be found

So exquisite and yet so profound

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A little Christmas Humour to Brighten your Day

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