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Life is a maze full of wonder

Left right or I must now ponder

Each has exquisite untold surprise

Shall I stand here longer and analyze

Or take a path less trodden, unknown

Allow my life to unfold on its own

Able to let go and go with the flow

Living my life with intrepid gusto

Enjoying each moment as it unfolds

Fresh bright and new I now behold

With great joy the maze opens wide

To allow a new experience untried

I welcome you now with open arms

I take the bull by the proverbial horns

Each encounter something of a delight

Knowing that everything will be alright








If this were our last day on earth

Would we cut to the chase, unearth

The things that are truly important

Skip all the rest as totally redundant

Spend our last moments with friends and lovers

No longer willing to simply hover

Be in the moment not wasting time

Giving our best right down the line

Filling our soul and those we treasure

With warmth and love beyond measure

One last thought filled with the purest of love

Our last moments, time we made good use of.

This is in response to Liza’s dream.


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The older you get the more important the internal

As we focus on other things besides the external

We witness changes we can do little about

For time effects our body both within and without

It’s not easy to be gracious when your body sets limits

Used to doing what we want, easily within minutes

Now a slower pace we duly select

Or our bodies will greatly object

Even though the interior feels exactly the same

Our thoughts and feelings fight and disclaim

We must now slow down, relax and take stock

The interior is important, nothing here to mock

As days turn into weeks then months and then years

We can look back with fondness and joyous tears

Accepting of all that once was

Happily living with inner applause








Bespoke Nathan 75


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Nathan was looking forward to meeting Emma’s family.  He’d grown up in Maryland attended school there, knew the area well and it was where he’d spent his formative years with his parents Gillian and Franklin along with his only brother Seth.  Returning to Maryland held bittersweet memories.

His parents had owned several properties throughout Maryland and had been on an outing with his older brother when an accident took their lives.  He’d been twenty when they departed this earth.  The pain had been intolerable.  His entire family of origin wiped off the face of the earth in a freak accident that left him bereft and angry.  At first he’d acted out wildly and profusely until an uncle took him under his wing and showed him a better way to deal with all that he’d lost.

Uncle Maynard had been a godsend at a time he’d needed one most. He’d taken the angry confused and deeply hurt young man under his wing to demonstrated options, better ways of venting his fury, in positive ways that with words and deeds bespoke dignity while reflecting honesty and integrity.

He turned those vengeful feelings into a passion for justice.  Nathan regained himself and all his parents stood for and even learned to have fun and play games.  His actions amplified through words and deeds adding a greater meaning to his life and for others.

After moving to Seattle with his uncle, he’d attended university, completing  a business degree.  He’d sold most of the property his folks had owned in Maryland.  Nathan kept only one, the lakeside house they’d spent their down time in.  Those were memories he couldn’t wouldn’t walk away from. Although they still held a twinge of pain, he held onto that particular property as a constant reminder of where he’d come from.

His uncle had long since passed on as well leaving all his worldly goods to Nathan which made Nathan an incredibly wealthy man.  On his uncle’s deathbed, he’d vowed to continue down his chosen path, one his uncle sincerely approved of.







Buses and Trains Bachelor Girl November Songs


A light hearted fun song about falling under a bus, hit by a train, sunk at sea, but doing it again.


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Innocent fun enjoyable pain

Young enough to do it again

Oh what heavenly delight

Rebound with all your might

Although it’s possible to get knocked down

It’s like winning the triple crown

You never told me about any of this

It certainly is heavenly bliss








I’ve been in love with gardens forever, often captivated by the beauty found within. My hitherto balcony didn’t allow for such an indulgence, able to grow a few potted plants that brought a modicum of delight was all I could manage.  One day, about a year ago, I joined two gardening groups available on line.  They accepted me and my resultant delight and pleasure indescribable.

The generosity of all involved touching, amazing, unequivocal.  Their love of earth, gardens and flowers unending. Even more astounding than the gardens themselves, was the photographic ability of many.  Daily I witness generosity of spirit as they willingly share the beauty they have created and which surrounds them. Through photographs I witness the changes and growth from groundbreaking to completion humbly sharing in their accomplishment.

Many years ago, I gazed upon a picture of a rose completely enchanted. I stood before this wonder and stared. A picture I had taken myself in my desire to capture it’s lush beauty, it’s essence. The rose was so richly velvet, it’s colour so vibrant it didn’t seem real or possible.  Had the picture been enhanced somehow?  No, my eyes witnessed it’s birth and development, it’s growth from bud to blossom.

We witness many incredible moments in the passage of time,  committing them to memory.  This is but one of many I personally enjoyed.



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