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If you have the opportunity to watch this movie, I hope you do.  It is brilliance!  I’m not a fan of the actor, but he does a spectacular job in this.  Harold Crick! A writer has undergone a dry spell and after 10 years writes a brilliant novel!  It ends with the death of Harold Crick – vital to the storyline making it not just great, but a spectacular piece of writing.

The hero must die!  Not just any hero, this hero.  He’s not the most likely candidate for a hero, but by the end of the movie, you can’t help but love him!

Hope you can take time out to watch, and enjoy.  This, is in my opinion, brilliant writing.

I have to add, haven’t we all wondered when we are writing, a fleeting second of the “what if” this were real? haha couldn’t help it.


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