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Although we’re finite, the possibilities are infinite

With potential, options, growth so magnificent

A kaleidoscope of enjoyment ours to be had

Filling our soul with pleasure making us glad

Painting or art, melodic sounds our passion whet

Giving life meaning, reachable goals often outlets

A plethora of choices in which to partake

From morn until night and on to daybreak

Often requiring thought effort desire

When we are consumed with passions fire

Ultimately the choices we now make

Impelling us forward, there are no mistakes








Tiny Succulents Grown In CorksTiny Succulent in a MugTiny Nerd GlassesTiny PlaystationRelated imageRelated imageRelated image

It’s amazing how special tiny can be.  Perhaps you like Tiffany’s little blue boxes with something special tucked inside.  Maybe it’s tiny tea sets to share with little ones.  Could it be tiny succulents, toys, or something else?

I had to include several pictures of “tiny” since these are astounding to me.  The creativity, time, attention, ability, are simply mind boggling.

From a tiny seed, a tree can grow.  From one tiny thought, an idea becomes a way of life.  From one tiny raindrop, a ripple effect occurs.

I could go on forever as this “tiny” encompasses so much more!



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