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To Reality TV or Not to Reality TV that is the question.

Reality TV has become synonymous with tv watching the last few years.  It’s nearly impossible to turn on television without at least one reality tv show per night, if not more.  The term has been thrown around a lot.  In all honesty, I thought I knew what it meant until someone attached AGT (America’s Got Talent), BGT (Britain’s Got Talent), X Factor and The Voice to the list.  I was completely taken aback at first.  Until recently.  I saw the set up for a few of the performers prior to their going on stage on AGT and it was how Nick Cannon was dressed and was acting that made me aware of the possibility. It hit me like a ton of bricks.

I began to wonder, since I know little to nothing about the terms of the contracts for these shows if it was possible.  If they were indeed reality tv shows,  are they just actor’s acting?  Is there a preconceived winner from the get go?  Does that mean that the public ie audience’s votes are immaterial?  How would the other “contestants” feel knowing they are “filler” and don’t really stand a chance?

Having said that, I thought back to the beginning of X Factor, and I’ve been an avid fan of all the above mentioned shows and will continue to be.  I’ve called the winners for over 10 years.  Yes, my family was always stunned, but even though the individual I may have hoped would win, didn’t, I still called it.

So that brings me to the reason why I continue to watch these types of shows.  It’s because the presentation of each individual when they first set foot on stage, is real and pure and hopeful. They are as yet, untouched by the system if you will.  They don’t fit into any kind of box, and whether they are raw, new to performing for a large crowd, or in any way seasoned, each singer (and I have to say I prefer the singing part most) interprets each song “their” way.  Yes they may benefit from the professional assistance received and many are truly grateful and mention it.  Sometimes, though, the essence of the individual becomes lost to me, in the updated hair colors, style changes, and performance enhancements.  In some cases, it is beneficial to the performer too.

I’d love to hear input from other interested or avid watchers of any of the shows mentioned.



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