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A Fountain of Affection



Whether it be family or friends

Never treat them as bookends

Keep them close in your heart

Never from their love depart

A fountain of affection and care

With you they will gratefully share

You mean more than you’ll ever know

Even if occasionally they might not show

How special and treasured you are

Much about you they certainly admire

You have much to offer them all

Cherished words shared that enthrawl

It may seem insignificant and natural to you

The little acts of kindness you do

That add up to mountains full of feeling

You are always delightful, endearing














fortune cookie

Oh how fortunate are we

To have this opportunity

Of sharing our lives endlessly

From day to day breathlessly

Cloaked in love and friendship too

Even through the odd miscue

What great fortune in meeting you

Levity joy love and affection pursue

In many ways, it’s how I feel about all of you!  So I consider it my good fortune to have stumbled upon this literary jewel.  You lift my day.   I enjoy your company and the thoughts you share, the experiences you’ve gone through, the ups and downs of daily life, fears, concerns, worries to the happiest most joyous of moments shared. The amusing anecdotes to the outright delicious humour you share that bubbles out of you, so touching.  Your outlook on life and how gracious you are in giving, just giving.  It seems a little thing, but in reality, it’s huge massive over the top.  Being willing to dig deep into your soul and share what you have found, or learned.  It is vulnerable, meaningful and special.  So it’s my great fortune and I humbly thank all of you for sharing, caring, giving of your time, thought, feelings.  xoxoxo to all.



Image result for pictures of puzzles

A word of beauty, strength, solidarity and hope.  For together we have weathered all manner of storms.  As one we are strong, together we are mighty!  This vigil of life we undertake, and whether daily or nightly, we offer protection and sanctuary to those we love.  Understanding abounds when we face the onslaught of all that comes our way.  We clap our hands tightly and hold firm so any attack seen or not, we quelled.  The unity in this word binds us together as one.  Nothing shall stay the love we hold dear. Job changes aplenty would frighten many, but not us, they were cause for celebration. Together we have gained perspective and appreciation for all the sacrifice and pleasure we attained.

As one we are strong, together we are mighty

This vigil we undertake, whether daily or nightly

To offer protection to those we love

An umbrella of devotion up above

Our clasped hands tight and firmly held

An onslaught though unseen we quelled

Jobs changes and relocations

Became  delightful celebrations

Together we have gained perspective

Strength solidarity and hope were not elective

Summed up by appreciation and affection

Our life a wonderful reflection

Of what we can share and accomplish, together.









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