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My first thought was flippant, “Of all the things I miss the most, I miss my mind.” An oldy but a goody. Snickers loudly.

For many, Christmas is a time of family, friends, togetherness, sharing and involvement.

This ode is for those who have someone missing.

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I look for you and you’re not there

A distant memory now filled with care

Oh how we loved laughed and joked

Moments in time quickly evoked

By songs or artists equally shared

A shadow of your smile lingers, flared

Long since forgotten any contretemps

Only distant thoughts of attempts

Memories made to warm the hearts

Gathered together like puzzle parts

Placed together to form a picture

Complete with form and structure

A delightful moment in time together

All the more special such an adventure

To be recalled upon a moment’s notice

Your presence in my life a bonus

You will never go missing my friend

For recollections of you forever penned

In songs and games and many refrains

Long remembered you shall remain











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The kitchen was filled with aroma so pungent

Chilli, garlic, onion, spices, unrepentant

A feast of smells that capture adventure

East coast, west coast, every day such splendor

Many your delightful aromas they miss

Turning up their nose instead as they hiss

The chef gestured his arms open wide

Extolling the benefits so filled with pride

Filling your senses with rapture so splendid

With flare and colour equally presented

Not for children this elegant presentation

It leaves adults with clear anticipation










Prisoner Book Description


Available at Smashwords July 31


A suspenseful mystery about a heroin named Selina whom unwittingly becomes center stage in a drama involving a detective agency, espionage, a missing fiance and the CIA.



The journey begins to unfold at Selina’s work place, her boss vehemently and staunchly believing in her innocence begins an investigation into the allegations of espionage. With a vast amount of unknowns in the air and danger surrounding those at the center of the allegations agents must separate fact from fiction. It soon becomes apparent to all, that Selina is merely an unwitting pawn in a march larger game that dates back years, and must be protected. A mystery that entangles past, present, and future Selina becomes the target, and her holiday becomes the focal point of unraveling the mystery tightly engulfing her closest friends and family. With her strength of character, determination, and choice to become a willing pawn, protect those she loves most dear while drawing out the sinister mastermind behind the caper. The door to romance opens but dare she walk through a second time? Will revealing the answers to Selina’s mystery free her while ensnaring the guilty?

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