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Critical Error 92

“Let’s go!”  Andrew yelled, “I want to see this SOB face to face!” His face reflecting anger, his fists tightly balled he stomped toward the door.

“Not so fast, Andrew,”  Paul admonished.  “We want to take our time play this by the book.  We don’t want him slithering away on a technicality.”

For the first time since he’d met Eilea and her family, true relief and jubilation were clearly evident.  His own spirits soared too.  Wrapping his arms around Eile and the kids he said, “Finally, an opportunity to freely behave and misbehave.  I can’t wait to get this party started!”  They laughed in unison.

“Oh, you haven’t seen anything yet,” Christina promised with a wink.

“I will say, I’m relieved I’ve been a part of all this.  I’ve seen you under extremely difficult circumstances and now I want to enjoy your company free of stress and concern.  I really need to applaud both your actions and control which have been admirable throughout!  First-hand experience has shown me the opposite is often too.” He exchanged a deep heartfelt look of admiration at each one.

“Welcome to the whacky world of the Martin family.”

Paul couldn’t have wished to hear more welcome words.  “Thanks, kiddo.”

To pass the time, they cleaned and straightened before eating dinner.  An hour later Paul’s phone rang.  They were welcome to come to the office before the prisoner was placed in custody.

“We’ll be there in 10!”

Walking in unison through the front door, they were taken down a hallway leading to the interrogation rooms containing one-way glass and they got their first glimpse of the pervert who’d created such havoc.  Paul turned the speaker on so they could listen in.

“I want to see Eilea!”  He continued yelling the same refrain over and over every few minutes while the officers in the room tilted back against the wall, feet and arms crossed.  “You’ve caused Ms Martin her family and friends enough grief.”

Eilea looked at Paul.  “I want to talk to him.  I have something I need to say.”

Paul understood she needed to get her control back.  Knocking on the adjoining door, she entered.

He jumped to his feet then slammed down into the chair as the cuffs would only allow a foot of movement.  “Eilea, I knew you’d come that you’d tell these idiots it’s all a mistake!”

“Mistake?  Hardly!  Taking pictures of me, sending unwanted cards and letters, calling me throughout the night and at work, threatening my family my friends, harming my daughter?  That is no mistake.  It’s a choice!  One you made and it is your last mistake involving me and anyone close to me!  I’m here simply to put a face to the f@#$@# asshole whose caused my family grief, hardship and bodily injury.  As far as I’m concerned, the penalty you’ll receive couldn’t be harsh enough!”  She stopped short of spitting on him, something she desperately wanted to do.  Instead, she turned  walked through the door and slammed it behind her.  She hard heard him call her name and smiling, grabbed Christina and Andrew’s hand to walk away, a spring in their steps, their heads held high.

“I would have punched his face in,”  Andrew freely admitted.  “It would have been worth it.”

“It’s a new day!  We have our lives back and we’re free to do as we wish.”  Eilea’s voice held jubilation.

“I’ll never take freedom for granted again,”  Christina remarked.  “I guess some things we take for granted until they’re gone.”

“It’s a lesson he’s about to learn, an ongoing lesson for the rest of his life.” Paul said with conviction.

“What sort of time will he get?”  Andrew asked?

“Attempted murder (which is what we’re going for) is considered an indictable offence and will give him five years to imprisonment for life.  Not only did he fire on civilians and your family in particular, but he fired on both off-duty and on duty cops, which the law severely frowns upon.  He fired on officers in the precinct, at my house and on the boat.  That’s three consecutive 10 to lifetime sentences.   Even though there weren’t any subsequent injuries, there was absolutely no provocation.  The maximum penalty for stalking is 10 years to life without parole and we’re going to fight for consecutive sentences back to back for each phone call and letter.”

“We’ve rounded up enough evidence at his place to secure a good long incarceration.  Doubt he’ll see the light of day again.  On top of which, he’ll never be allowed phone call priviledges or a computer.”

“How long before the case goes to trial?”

“Again we’re pushing this before a local judge who seriously frowns on stalkers, attempted cop-killers and attempted murder.  It won’t take long and the court will inform you.  It’s unlikely your testimony will even be required owing to the mountain of eye-witnesses and incriminating evidence which suggests he’s been following your family for three years.”

Stopping to take Paul in her arms, Eilea said, “Welcome to the family.”

Andrew slapped Paul on the back. “So your place or ours?”

Paul grinned broadly.  “I guess that’s something we’ll have to discuss.”

“Much as I love Hardy, I gotta say your place comes fully loaded, with extras!”  He couldn’t have held back his smirk if he’d tried.







Include the hashtag #tuesdayuseitinasentence.~ Gaze

She never knew one gaze could reflect such attitude ranging from contempt distain a sneer ending with a taunt delivered in the blink of an eye; she thought she’d imagined it since she had no idea who the otherwise sexy package was, until she read his body language clearly duplicating the look.

Critical Error 91

Paul hurried from the room with his phone to his ear.  The others exchanged knowing glances.  Hopefully, it was good news.  The waiting was excruciating.  “I want to run after Paul and listen in, five seconds seems too long to wait,”  Christina admitted.

“I’m with you,” Eilea agreed with a smile.  “We could dog pile him.” That brought the laughter she’d hoped for.

“You first!”  Andrew smirked.  “We’ll backtrack out of the room.”

“What’s the fun in that?”  Eilea asked.  “He did say all for one and one for all.  We could prove how true that is.”

Andrew grinned, “I’m game, I’d love to see the expression on his face when he saw us racing toward him.”

Paul entered the room and the hopeful look in his eyes spoke volumes.  “Ok, good news at last.  They’re closing in on him.  He was spotted a few minutes ago making his way through some underbrush.  He ditched a stolen vehicle which was printed and it’s definitely his get-a-way vehicle.  He obviously saw the other cops surrounding his vehicle and he set out on foot.  He won’t get far.  It’s nearly over!”

The jubilation he’d expected didn’t come.  “What?”

“We’ve been here before, just this close and we missed by a country mile.  For once, I’ll wait until I know he’s in custody before I get carried away.  I want to look him in the eye and tell him what a f@#$ up he is!”  Eilea’s voice held conviction and vehemence.

“I’ll make sure you get the chance.” Paul rubbed her arms.

“So what do we do now, sit and wait or go out and have some fun?”

“I suggest fun! What’s everyone into doing?” Paul’s glance swept all three.

“I’m for lazing on the beach and sunbathing.”

“Sounds good to me,”  Christina agreed.

“Sold!  Let’s get ready.”

Upon reaching the beach they lazed, drank iced tea and relaxed for the first time in days.  It felt so good.

Paul’s phone rang and immediately everyone stopped and looked toward him.

“They got him!  He’s in the precinct now.” As if on cue they whooped and hollered drowning out what the Sarg. was saying.  Paul laughed.  “Yep, they heard.”

“I heard too, tell ’em to keep it down, will ya?” his Sarg growled half heartedly knowing only too well the relief they were feeling.





Critical Error 87 A

Their reprieve lasted two days.  On the third day Paul received word they might have caught a break.  After finishing the call, he sat them all down and explained.  “Seems when one of the officers was moving your car, Eilea, he found a card that had lodged under the seat and well hidden.  They were going to giving it a going over to ensure he hadn’t tampered with anything.  As soon as the officer realized what it was, he took it into HQ and had an analysis run.  We got DNA!”

Eilea half rose out of her chair, “OMG Paul, you mean this could be over?” she asked before sitting back down a hand at her throat.

“Not quite yet.  We’re on the right track though.  He apparently got mixed up in a squabble at a bar last night.  When he tried to run, the cops were called and managed to get to the bar in double quick time.  After spending a night in jail due to drunk and disorderly, they’d naturally taken a breathalyzer and his DNA popped up again with a flag so the officer tracked it back.  It was the same guy.  Unfortunately, he’d been released as his mother put up his bail.  But we know who he is.”  Sliding forward he held out a picture.  “Take a look, ring any bells?”

“Omg, that’s a guy that kept coming into the Chamber of Commerce when I worked there.  Every few days as a matter of fact.  He’d recently moved to Hardy and wanted to know what sort of outdoor activities I could suggest, specifically any I’d personally recommend and done myself.  Following protocol as I would with any visitor, I gave him the information.  Every time he’d finished another on the list, he came back in to explain in detail how it had gone, who he’d met and to thank me personally for the helpful information.  It became so awkward that as soon as he’d show up, one of the other women would either give me heads up or hand me a call to take so he couldn’t chat me up.”

“Makes sense.  It was a one time contact and your helpful attitude was misconstrued by a whacko.”

“Who is he, where does he come from?”

Paul explained. His mother was an invalid and required semi-constant care.  “He lives with her when he’s in Duncan, but has his own place in Hardy and traveled continuously between the two locations which ties letters from both locations as well as the timing…he’s our perp.”  He went on to add he wouldn’t get out of this no matter how many lawyers he might have on hand since not only were the threats against Eilea enough, but he’d since attacked to officers and was in pit deep.  The bomb threat alone meant he’d never see the light of day outside of prison walls for a hell of a long time!

Eilea didn’t know whether to be thrilled or shocked vacillating between the two emotions.  “I’m torn,” she admitted, “on one hand it’s great that we have an identity and can tie him to all the crimes, but I’m still nervous, we haven’t caught him yet.”

“He’s boxed in now, Eilea.  He can’t go home since we know where both locations are and what vehicles he has at his disposal.  His mother was shocked and horrified to learn what he’s done.  She’d been down that road and they moved to the island to get away from the same situation when she was a young woman.  That’s also why it took so long to get DNA results.  They’ve been living incognito since he was born.  She’d not talked to family and friends since then and ended up making a good life, a happy life she called it, in Duncan.  She’s also willing to help and call if he shows up.  He might be her son, she said, but that didn’t excuse inexcusable behaviour.  She’d like to meet you one day to apologize for her son.”

“That isn’t necessary, she isn’t responsible.”

“No, but she feels it deeply having had to run from the same thing herself.  It’s something to consider at a later date.”

Eilea yanked Paul to his feet and hugged him.  “Oh my god, this could be over – soon!”

Paul heard the pop and sound of shattering glass and yelled, “Down, everybody down!” as he threw his body across Eilea’s.  His eyes quickly swept toward Christina and Andrew making sure they’d listened.  Paul grabbed his phone, “Shots fired, shots fired.  Heads up out there!”

Momentarily they heard a rush of feet alongside the house.  “Paul, Paul, everybody ok in there?”

“Came through the front window, sniper rifle, has to be.  Fan out, be careful, he nearly hit us so he’s got some ability with a gun.”


Critical Error 90

Eilea pushed away from Paul, “the kids, the kids!” she frantically pulled herself up.

Paul grabbed hold of her and yanked her down, “Stay down Eilea.  He may still be about, the kids are fine!”  He placed both hands on either side of her face and looked deeply into her eyes, “We’re on top of it, I promise you.”  She literally sagged into his arms.

“I can’t lose them, Paul, I can’t lose them!  They are my world, they are everything!  I can’t let him hurt them.”

“His intent was either you or me, Eilea.  He didn’t fire a single shot at either one of them.  They have been whisked away and we’ll meet up with them shortly.”

Paul got the all clear and they rose and he assisted others nearby to their feet.  “It’s safe now, you can get up.”  He assisted a few mothers and children to their feet and spoke calmly and gently to each. A swat team moved in and rounded everyone up and ushered them to a less open location.

Wrapping his arms around Eilea he led her to an undercover car instead of his vehicle which the team was going over with a fine tooth comb in case he’d managed to visit it before taking the time to set up.

“Where are you, Paul, where are they?  I need to know!”

“We’ll be there momentarily.”

Before the vehicle stopped at Paul’s house she was out of the car and racing into the house, “Christine, Andrew!  Christine, Andrew!” she kept calling until they emerged from their bedroom.

“Mom, what’s up, we were just changing cause we were soaked.”

Racing to them she wrapped an arm around each, “Thank god, thank god!”

“What, what happened?”

It was only then Eilea realized they didn’t know what had happened.  “Oh my god!”  Turning to stare at Paul she turned back, “I needed to know you were ok.  There was an incident at the park.”

“Paul, what happened?” Christina quickly asked.

“He was somewhere on the grounds, took a pot shot at us.  Thankfully he missed.  Your mom was afraid he’d gone after you too.”

“Mom!”  Christina’s eyes nearly fell out of her head.  “Your ok right, he didn’t hurt you, right?”  her hands raced all over her mother turning her around.

“No, he missed.  We’re not sure if it was me or Paul he was aiming at, but thankfully he’s a poor shot!”

Sitting she stated, “That safe house is looking a lot more appealing at the moment.”

“I was afraid you’d say that.”  Paul dropped his head.

“You don’t think so, Paul,”  Christina said.

“No for the aforementioned reasons.  He’s on a roll, he’s not going to stop now, he’s leaped right on over the top into full blown insanity.  Moving to a safe house will only postpone the inevitable.”

“Mom, we need to see this through.”

“I adore you, baby girl!  Ok, my lovely young lady.”  She paused thoughtfully.  “Yes, I agree.  We see this through.  I don’t want this hanging over us forever, I want it over and done with and this asshole in prison locked up forever, WITH no access to the internet for life!  That is my only stipulation.  I don’t want him able to reach us in any way shape or form!  And I want a new unlisted number.”

“Done!”  Paul squeezed her tight.  “All for one and one for all?”

“Couldn’t have put it better,”  Andrew agreed.



Critical Error 89

“This is amazing!  It’s huge!  Oh, this is going to be fun!”  Christina chirped.  “Oh my god, look at the sunken boat, it’s fab!”

Heading into the first round, they were keyed up and excited.  It didn’t take long for Paul to realize they were indeed serious mini golfers as they banged off course after course and he laughed as he managed to keep up, barely.

The rest of their crew had lagged behind and they shouted barbs across at them and the joviality was fun warm and real.  Whenever a moment presented itself he dragged Eilea closer and held her hands, slipped an arm around her her snuck a few delightful kisses in.  His eyes glowed warmly as he peered into hers.  “You are so dang much fun!”

When they rounded the corner and entered the sunken boat she was all over it whooping and hollering with a hole in one and yelled out, “Beat that ya rug rats!  That’ll teach ya me hearties!”  They eventually caught up and Paul hauled her to his side and hugged her tight, “This is an entirely new side to you.  I like it.”

“We take our mini golf seriously,” she said with a laugh.

“I can tell.  However, your number is up,” he remarked pointing at the upcoming course.  “This one ought to test your metal!”

“Never fear,” she sighed delightfully before breathing deep, “I’m all over this!”  And she was.  While tallying up their scores, with Eilea well in the lead Andrew a close second, Christina one point behind and he himself taking up the rear, he laughed.  “I demand another round!”

Just as Eilea agreed, “That can be arranged!” the teens saw the bumper boats and headed off to enjoy crashing and bobbing about in the water.

“Alright, missy, bring your best game!” Paul quipped.   Jason and Sandy joined them for the next round, while Jessica and Herb accompanied the teens to the water course.

Half way through Paul was congratulating himself loudly on his single point lead on Eilea when a bullet whizzed past his head lodging in the wood behind him, “Down, everybody down!  Shots fired!” he gestured to other people near by, “Down, get down!” then dived for Eilea covering her body with his.  Wrapping her with his arms and legs he rolled her toward the closest edge tall enough to offer protection.  Immediately on his walkie talkie he began issuing orders to get the teens off the rides and out of harms way.

Immediately pandemonium took over with people yelling screaming scrambling upon hearing his warning.  Most huddled behind the nearest object they could find while the other crews that had followed at a discreet distance were racing from the highway toward the high ground on the other side of the park from which the shots were fired.

Paul was shocked the perp took this opportunity to attack since there was no way out.  The highway and the entrance were blocked and he was effectively sandwitched in the middle.


Critical Error 88

Paul was on tender hooks awaiting their decision. He knew his observations were right.  They were close he could feel it in his bones.  This miscreant was on a mission and he wouldn’t stop now.  It was full steam ahead regardless of the risk.  He was acting headless of consequences.

Eilea entered the kitchen, a smile upon those luscious lips firmly wrapping her arms around him.  “We’ve decided but I’d like the kids to explain.”  She kissed his temple tenderly and taking hold of his hand led him back to the media room.

He sat beside Eilea with Christine and Andrew lounging on the chesterfield.  “Ok, so what is your decision?” Paul asked.

“We’de rather stay, see this thing through.  We’re in agreement.  If we leave, go to a safe house, we could be there forever.  We’re not willing to give in or give up our lives to this maniac.”  Christine was adamant, it was in her voice and body language.

“If we go home, we’re at larger risk, because he could be anywhere and attack at any time.  Since we aren’t about to live like nuns in a convent and continue living our life as we see fit, we figured it was simpler to stay put and finish this out.”  Andrew’s body language held anger.

“Ok then.  We finish this!”  Paul’s sigh of relief told them all they needed to know.  “I have to explain that this situation is still fraught with danger.  You’ve seen how perverse he is.  He’s not about to let up.  I think that is his undoing.  He’s not seeing clearly and he won’t stop now.”

“Everyone is on high alert, we’ll be protected every moment. You may not like the results because damn near every movement will be monitored to keep you safe, but I feel it in my gut.”

“I’d stack my life on your gut,”  Christina assured him.  “It’s the one valuable lesson I’ve learned through all of this.  Never push your gut instincts aside, they won’t let you down.”

“Does this mean we can’t ride or take day trips and just enjoy?” Andrew asked.

“Not at all.  The more we’re out and about the more likely he’ll make a move.  He’s determined at this point to take us out or grab Eilea.  Either works in his mind…what little he has of one.”

“Then let’s get on with it.  Let’s plan something.”  Christina smiled devilishly.  “I was scouting activities and found Paradise Mini Golf and Fun Park in Parksville.  It looks like a lot of fun, what do you guys think?”

“I’m in!”  Andrew grinned delightedly.

“Sounds like fun times for all.”  Eilea said, “Bring your A game, Paul, I’m good, oh so good at this.”

“You don’t say?”  Wrapping her up in his arms he said, “I’m sure you are.”

He made a quick call to inform

They piled in

He squeezed Eilea’s hand firmly

“Oh yes,

Lifting his gaze to the rear view mirror he said, “Your mother suggests a wager.

“If you win, you buy us dinner at the local steak house.  If we win, we buy you a golf shirt.”

They alighted from the truck, Paul paid for the tickets and gear.  They met up with the other three couples who would play through with them and it was on like donkey kong!




Critical Error 87

Paul crab-walked toward the window.  It held but shattered like windshield glass.  He said, “You stay put, all of you!” he barked before hustling toward the back door.

Daring to turn her head she looked at her kids who’s expressions surely mirrored her own shock, “You ok?”

At the duplicate yeahs, her audible sigh of relief could be heard clear across the room.

“Is it safe enough to move now?”

“Not sure, Christina, but I think we can get to the media room, might have a better line of sight from there and the windows are long and narrow.”

They followed one behind the other until they reached the safety of the door, stood and scooted inside and shut it behind them.

“Is it that maniac?” Christine’s eyes tracked to her mother.

“Not sure, but I can’t imagine who else it could be.” Eilea side-tracked to the first of four tall windows and peered outside, shielding her body with as much of the wall as she could.  The kids did the same.  The only indication anyone was moving among the tall grass was a sudden shift as the grass swayed.

“I can’t see much, can you?”  Andrew asked.

“He’s probably taken off by now, don’t you think?”

“I can’t imagine any reason he’d stick around unless he intends getting caught Christina and that’s certainly doubtful.”

“The bullet didn’t make it through the glass.  Is it some kind of special glass or did we just get lucky?”

“I think we got lucky.  Could have been the angle or the distance, but whatever, I’m grateful,”  Eilea remarked.

“You see Paul anywhere?”  Christina’s voice was heavy with concern.

“I can’t see anyone.”

It was an interminably long time before they heard movement at the back of the house.  Even as they moved toward shelter, Paul walked in. “I thought I told you three to stay put!”

“Figured it was safer in here.”

“Did you get him?”

“Unfortunately, we didn’t, Andrew.  He fired and ran.”

“Must have been some high-powered weapon to reach us from the far side of that grass.”

“It was.  Luckily for us, the glass held.”

“There are patrol cars checking the area now from the highway to the beach and every inch of land between.  Everyone stays inside!  Outside your sitting ducks.”

Paul’s phone rang and he quickly answered. “Yeah, yeah, ok, got it.”

“What?”  Eilea asked her voice sounding a little shaky to Paul’s highly tuned ears.

“Damn it!  He got away clean, but it only means we’ll post men on the other side of the grassland.  They’re checking for tire and footprints.  Now we know he has a high powered sniper rifle and obviously knows how to use it, we’ll have to double up on manpower.”

“We’re going to get this bastard, I promise you!” Paul said on a growl looking straight into Christina’s glazed eyes.

When Paul received the all clear, he suggested they eat.  No one was particularly interested but they did enjoy the raspberry floats he made.  After that they settled into the games room, which was easier to secure and which Paul hoped would take their minds of the immediate and eminent danger.

Word came down that Eilea’s family was to be moved into a safehouse.  He was feeling pretty angry.  It would postpone the inevitable.  This jerk had made a move and he’d make another.  He’d tipped over into deranged and he wasn’t about to stop.  If he could convince Eilea to hang tough a couple more days, he was sure they’d nab the bastard in the act.  Otherwise it could be months if ever before they caught him.  If he disappeared into the wind neither she nor the kids would ever feel truly safe. They’d always have that concern hanging over their heads – would he return, if so, when?  Would he give up his pursuit or simply wait them out? What if they ran smack dab into him somewhere sometime.

He put off talking with them as long as he could.  Turning the tv off he said, “There’s something we’ve got to talk about.”  When all three sets of questioning eyes turned his way he continued, “The powers that be want to place you in a safehouse until they catch this perp.  I want to to figure this into your equation before making a decision.”  He went on to explain what his personal thoughts on the matter were.

“I take it your alone in your perception?”

“Pretty much. Most just want the problem to go away, others figure this is the best course of action, but you know what I think.  So, take your time before you decide.  I need to give them an answer soon.”  With that he walked away to allow them time to discuss the situation and make a unified decision.

Critical Error 86

They watched the group until they were but dots and wandered back inside.  Paul noted the men and women surrounding the perimeter of the property and silently nodded approval knowing they were in good hands.

Inside with the door closed gently behind them, he took Eilea in his arms.  “It’s been too long since we had alone time.”  He nuzzled her neck with his nose and then his lips.

“You up for this champ?”

“Wouldn’t have it any other way.”

“I’ll remind you of that when your head is banging like it has a sledge hammer inside.”

“Worth the wait and the agony.”

Eilea backed him into the bedroom and shut the door leaning back to lock it.  “Now, as you were saying?”  She shoved him gently on the bed and for a brief second, he had second thoughts until she landed on top of him and erased all thought completely and emotion took over.

By the time the others returned, they were cuddled together on the couch and his head lay on Eilea’s lap.  “You ok champ?”

“Never better.  I could get used to lazing about if this is how it’s going to be.”  He winked.

Following a sigh, Eilea said, “I’ve never been a ‘wait for the other shoe to drop’ type of gal.  I usually take it on the chin and move on after making whatever decisions were necessary, but I now know how the other half feels.”

“Patience if a virtue! but having said that, I’m with you.  Although I’m a patient type, have to be in my line of work since it often includes plenty of downtime, I’d rather this miscreant made his move so we can catch him.  Then I can really show you a good time.”  He winked suggestively.

“Can’t wait!”  Eilea ruffled his hair gently, mindful of how tender his head still was.

“I’ve been trying to come up with something new to do, something we haven’t done yet.”

“I beg of you, give it another day, my poor beleaguered head needs one more day before I start romping around,” Paul suggested.

“Oh I don’t know, that romp earlier seemed to go well.”  She couldn’t help but laugh at his expression of shock and dismay.

“What?  There was something wrong with my technique?”

“Quite the opposite,”  Eilea quickly assured him.

“Seriously, Paul, what do you think he’ll try next?  He’s not stupid, he knows there are officers here, has to, especially after attacking you, (and he managed to break through the lines) I’d imagine that’s got to embolden him somewhat. That begs the question as to what we should do next.  How do we draw him in (out) whatever…to catch him.  He’s definitely not stupid and takes risks when he knows he can get away with it.”

“We’ll think of something, Eilea, give me a day or two though.  I’d rather forgo another knock on the head just yet.  As delightful as you are, I’d rather not see two of you continuously.  I quite enjoy centering all my attention on just you.”  His quip while meant to be amusing brought home just how serious the situation was and could become.

Critical Error 85

Paul’s head pounded and as soon as they ate, retired to the bedroom to lay down in a dark room for an hour.  When he got up he was feeling better but still necessitated the pills the doctor had ordered if a headache got out of hand.

When he entered the living room he couldn’t find anyone.  Peering outside, he found the trio in the garden.  Everyone was involved in weeding and the results were spectacular.

Joining them he said, “Wow, this is quite the treat!”

“We hoped you’d like it,” Eilea said straightening.  “Have you seen the barn yet?”

“No, what’s been going on out there?”

Linking arms, Eilea led the procession to the back yard.  “Have a look.”

He was stunned to see the side of the barn had been repaired and several bundles of fresh hay flanked the barn.  There were workmen shoveling fresh hay into all the stalls and the horses were looking on in delighted amusement pawing the ground eager to get inside.  “When did this happen?”

“They showed up late last night and managed to get the sides replaced before dark then returned early this morning.  We were hoping you wouldn’t notice until the job was complete.”

Paul pulled Eilea close, “I don’t know what to say.”

“We didn’t have much to do with it.  It was the guys from the detachment.  They got ahold of the insurance adjuster and made it happen pronto.”

Paul gingerly walked to the men hard at work, “Hi fellas.  This is wonderful.”

“No problem.  It will be when we’re done.”  Stopping for a minute looking at the horses, “I’m pretty sure it’s appreciated.”  He nodded at the horses.

“If I was up to it, I’d roll around in the hay.”  Paul laughed.

Andrew went to saddle Britches as Christine saddled Showgirl and as soon as they were finished, they waved and headed toward the beach.  “They’ve been riding them daily to give the horses a break.”  They watched an officer slide onto the other horse and head out.  “They’ll be meeting several officers already located on the beach and awaiting their arrival.  Your men are good, Paul.  I’ve been impressed with their coordination and tact.”

Paul pulled Eilea closer.  “Glad to hear it.”


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