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Rattled #AtoZChallenge #amwriting

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Dana tried, oh my god she’d tried, but the man was insidiously short sighted and and “stupid!” she yelled out loud though there were none to hear.  The campaign hinged on the elegance and possibility, the nuance of romance in an idyllic setting.  It wasn’t supposed to be staged with robotic men and women.  No one would buy that, ever!

They needed a man oozing charm, elegance, refined but edgy.  A woman sitting nonchalantly at a table enjoying the setting sun, looking out across the horizon, possibly dreaming of meeting someone special.  A man worth sharing her life with, dependable, the essence of stability, reliability but with charm and grace. A chance meeting, unexpected, surprising, delightful.

Marshal’s idea was staid, dry.  They needed to kick it up a notch, they needed bold dynamic excitement, hinted at, suggested.  These clients were edgy but enjoyed a hint of romance in their advertising.  They weren’t into scantily clad men and women.  This was a step beyond what they expected but it was perfect.

Yet he second guessed her every step of the way.  He was impossible!  What’s more, she’d allowed him to rattle her, for the first time in her career.  She knew she was right.  Her senses were always on target. She’d study previous advertising campaigns, get a feel for the direction they were going. Her intention was pushing them a little past their previously comfortable outlook hoping to capture a fresher audience without alienating the classic long time clients.

Standing straight she marched into his office.



Quivering #AtoZChallenge #amwriting


2017 Badge

Sandy stood quivering on the water’s edge, oblivious to the gentle lapping at her feet.  She wasn’t cold.  She wasn’t overheated.  She wasn’t fearful. She was excited. Her husband was returning from overseas. Six long months he’d been gone, forced to finish up loose ends before joining her.

They’d never been apart this long.  Although they lived busy productive lives, their time together was simple, relaxed, intimate and pure.  She pictured it now, the renaissance of old and new.  A mixture of his world and hers combined into one.  Surprising how much she’d missed those moments of sharing.  Sometimes combative, sometimes coalesced, sometimes unforgettable. Always passionate.

Standing facing the setting sun, she waited patiently and impatiently counting down the  moments until he’d be by her side, the beginning of something new and fresh in a land so distant from anything they’d known. An adventure they’d chosen together.  It was time.  She hurried back to the house, slipped her feet into flip flops, grabbed her bag and keys and rushed to the car.

When Malcome arrived, the house was empty. Where could she be? He toured the house, peered out the windows. He couldn’t find any sign of her.  Surely she’d have gone to the dock to meet him.

His phone rang and he answered the unknown number.  “Mr. Greyson?”


“I have some terrible news for you.”

He listened in horror.  The phone fluttered from his grasp as he fell on his knees to the floor.  She was gone. It couldn’t happen it couldn’t! His love his one and only taken from him? He sat shaking, the quivering wouldn’t stop.  Tears dripped from his eyes as silent racking sobs shook his body.

Passionate AtoZchallenge #amwriting

Olivia was passionate about everything.  She just wasn’t passionately in love with James. Although they experienced some heady moments in exquisitely romance settings, something was missing.  They’d done it all together.  Skiing, climbing, touring country after country, sailing.  They’d exchanged everything meaningful about their hopes dreams and beliefs.  They clicked.   Really clicked.  For all that, it didn’t quite feel right.  No matter how hard she’d tried, she couldn’t figure out what it was.

Just as she knew he was about to propose and knew she was about to refuse.  There was no rhyme or reason but for her, it wasn’t in the cards. Olivia was throwing away five great years and some of her most precious experiences.   but still, she held back.

James was fantastic on every level.  Smart, witty, rose to any challenge, had saved her skin on numerous occasions, been there for her through whatever ordeal she’d faced, but still, she held back.

What the hell was wrong with her?  Dropping her head on her palm she tapped it.  “Come on girl, think.  This is the deciding moment of your life.  You know it.  What is it?”  she asked herself aloud.

Passion.  He wasn’t passionate.  He merely went along for the ride.  She was the ring leader, the decider the adventurer.  She needed, wanted more. An equal, someone to fight passionately with who took turns taking the lead who could make decisions.

Sadly, she stared at her reflection in the windows.  She had her answer.







Vancouver BC “Spike” and recollections.

Although it was a rough year beginning to end and began with our move, (and on that very day) my broken ankle, followed by my son’s broken leg, my daughter’s deadly reaction to penicillin and her body’s complete shut down, my mother’s death and moving to Hardy, one memory still touches my heart.

Fireworks.  It was Vancouver’s annual fireworks show and we drove to a peak that would allow us a Premo view.  At the top of the hill, we could see Telus World of Science but will forever be known to our family as spike.

They lit the building in conjunction with the fireworks and the kids 2 1/2 and 6 1/2 said oh look, “spike”.  They thought the building was brilliant.  Although they enjoyed the fireworks, the building with its spikes took the cake.

We later toured the facility and hopefully one day I’ll have pictures developed as it was intriguing.

To this day, when we see pictures of Telus World of Science, we look at one another, smile and unanimously say, “spike”.

Optimistic AtoZchallenge #amwriting

Maria’s staff was holding together well, optimistic to the end.  Heads held high, they continued their work as per normal.  Today was D-day.  Except for a select few, no one knew what the board’s decision would be.  They held the fate of all the employees working at Lord’s in their hands.

Although a well-known name, their product had taken a nose-dive with the advent of the latest upcoming “upstart” as her boss called Fjord’s.

Maria had to give their advertising department credit.  Although pandering to the younger market with trendy new and promising motivational speaches had managed to steal away several of Lord’s top accounts.  “Reach the Unreachable” was their motto.

Lord’s catered to the experienced seasoned climbers, those with chutzpah and panache who climbed some of the noblest of peaks and conditions considered unscalable.

The marketplace had grown exponentially over the last 10 years but was currently experiencing a down-turn no one could explain therefore the market place was smaller.

All heads turned expectantly when her boss walked through the door.  No one was more surprised than she at witnessing his companion.  A hush fell over the entire group for standing beside her boss was none other than Damian Ranguild, head of the advertising department of the “upstart” company and bain of their existence.

As eye-candy went, he was luscious.  Some women smiled coyly but his eyes continued to scan the room until his eyes met hers.  She wasn’t sure whether to walk to greet him or make him suffer the walk of shame to her desk.  Maria waited.  Her boss’s face was flushed and he huffed and puffed behind the long ranging gate that was Ranguild.

Interesting, she thought.  Standing she held out a hand.  Instead of shaking hers, he held on firmly and kissed her fingertips.  If he meant to surprise her, he succeeded.  A knowing smile lit his face.

Nerves #AtoZchallenge #amwriting

Normally Lanna had nerves of steel.  Nerves weren’t an issue.  Once she chose a direction, she went for it, she was on her way.  Sometimes it worked well, at others she’d changed paths but change was good and never threatening to her.  Normally.

Today she was nervous.  She hadn’t seen the next door neighbour in several days.  He was a healthy male between 26 to 30 she guessed.  He was buff, tanned, handsome and wow, just wow, dare she think it?  Sexy.  He made her drool every time she watched him watering plants, cutting the lawn or frolicking with the dog. He seemed laid back, relaxed and happy.  That made him more appealing than the physical attributes which were needless to say outstanding.

Having toyed with the idea of dropping by with one of her famous casserole dinners he could cook whenever she’d been too busy and involved with work to think anymore about the prospect.

It struck her earlier when she finished her morning job that he’d been M.I.A. for four days and counting.  It was the neighbourly thing to do wasn’t it?  Checking to see if he was alright?  Heaven forbid he’d fallen and couldn’t get up! Needed “her” assistance.

Finally, breathing deeply, she grabbed the freshly made casserole and headed over.  Ringing the bell elicited no response.  She couldn’t hear movement, music, or sound of any kind.  Then she heard the dog bark.  Ok, this is a start.  Pulling open the screen, she knocked again and called through the closed door, “Anybody alive in there?”

She tried the doorknob and finding it unlocked, pushed the door open calling again.  Hearing a faint answer she pushed past the dog and headed to the kitchen and lay the casserole dish on the counter.

“Hi, I’m the neighbour.  Just brought dinner for you.  Um, you ok?”

“Come in,” he called from the porch.

Lana walked toward the sound the dog at her heels.  “Hi.”

“Hey,” he nodded.

“Wow, glad I stopped by.  You look like you could use a hand.”

“I’m managing, but a friendly face is always welcome.”

After offering to freshen his lemonade, he bid her sit.  Ok she thought, she had reason to be nervous as up close and personal he had a major effect on her senses. Wouzers. Good job Lana!



Mischievious #AtoZchallenge #amwriting


Gabe had never met the woman he was teaming up with.  She’d run through a gamut of partners.  He’d heard she was capable reliable and brilliant.  That’s what her file indicated.  Some men couldn’t handle that in a woman.  Too few who could accept a woman could be strong determined powerful in her own way and were threatened by that strength.  He wasn’t.

In fact, they were requirements he expected, in any partner, on every level of his business.  Failure meant they put everyone at risk.  That he would not tolerate.

Since her file was a mile thick, he decided to take a look at this woman himself.  Partner with her for the six months she’d signed on for.

The six months had passed and as he sat writing up her review he was pleased.  If she wanted the job, it was hers, she’d earned it.  Her candor, wit, charm, capability, and  reliability were outstanding.  She was beyond brilliant in her performance and in sizing up any given situation.  Then there was the mischievous side he’d come to know.  She’d pull tricks and pranks, that sparkle rarely left her eye.  The only time it disappeared was on the job.  Her eyes dramatically changed the sparkle was gone, they were flat, perceptive intuitive.

Today it was his turn.  He’d towed her car to the impound plastered it with your fired slogans with balloons hanging out every conceivable space doors, windows, trunk, bumper, you name it, he’d added balloons. They said “Yours” “If”  “You” “Want” “It!”  Then he’d stood back and awaited her arrival.  She was a picture. Annoyance turned to shock to stunned to a smile a mile wide.  She scanned the area searching. When she found him her eyes twinkled and she gave him a thumbs up.  She was in.


Love #AtoZchallenge #amwriting

2017 Badge

Rae was an expert on love.  You could ask her anything.  She proudly spouted the differences between each and the qualities pertaining to all eight kinds of love.  Having written an in depth article about how each kind of love affected a relationship and having taken the assignment to heart, she understood what the differences were.

Some were happy with erotic love but she knew that wore thin, most of her married friends agreed.  Her greatest hope was that she’d fine someone to be affectionate with first, so later on in the relationship, they cared about one another.  Of course, playful love was a must in order to keep a relationship going.

Yet love had escaped her.  You’d think she could find love easily, knowing what to look for.  Still she constantly mistook a man’s friendly affection for romantic love especially since she was the outdoorsy type who’d grown up with brothers and felt comfortable around men.  Most seemed to accept her as “one of the guys”.  Which she didn’t mind, it was good having guy friends to hang with, experience hiking, climbing and other scary activities a lot of her female friends couldn’t handle.

According to her mother who constantly ribbed her, her ideals were too high, she was looking in all the wrong places and she needed to stop behaving like one of the guys if she wanted to attract one.

What she truly wanted was a man who knew the differences and could communicate them comfortable within to be himself to display affection, love and tenderness too.

Rae wasn’t into trapping a guy (one of her mother’s suggestions).  She wanted someone who wanted her, who sought her out in order to spend time with her whether she was at her worst or her best.  Did this kind of package come in the male species she wondered.

Rae bounced between the two ideals.  One having that special someone to share everything important with, and staying single thereby remaining free of any kind of restriction on when and what she wanted to do.  It was a solitary life.  Somehow it wasn’t enough.



Kindness #AtoZchallenge #amwriting

2017 Badge

Jenny was delighted when she found a beautiful bouquet of flowers sitting in a lovely glass vase beside the front door awaiting her arrival.  Unlocking the shop door, she picked the vase up and carried it inside with her.  A magnificent vase of tulips, with pinks, reds, purples, yellows even a few orange flowers elegantly displayed.  She looked for a note and found none.

Placing the vase on a table by the front door so everyone could enjoy it’s magnificence, she wondered.  For the third time in as many weeks, someone had popped by early in the morning as she arrived to open shop at 8 am, to leave a gorgeous vase of flowers.

It was a delightful mystery.  A kindness she wanted to express her gratitude for.  Perhaps she’d have to become a PI and question neighbouring shop owners or failing that arrive early.

The following week, two more vases appeared, each containing a different variety of flowers.  She was no closer to finding out who the generous and kind individual was.  It remained an unsolved mystery.  She’d followed up, questioning the other shops nearest but no one had witnessed their arrival.  Since she was no closer to answering the question, she arrived earlier and earlier but was still unable to answer the question.  The days she’s arrived early, there were no flowers.

Obviously whoever was leaving them was as determined to remain a mystery as she was at finding out. So, the following morning, she left a present of her own.  A beautiful handmade card expressing her unending delight.

The following morning an even larger bouquet of flowers was left on the stoop.  Surprised delighted but concerned she pondered the situation.  It could be a client, perhaps a shop owner.  Perhaps it was a friend.

Across the street, standing just inside the stationary store, stood a gentleman watching the perplexed then delighted look flash across her mobile features.  He smiled.  She’d once handed him a coffee as they’d shared a seat.  He’d been down on his luck having lost his job, his apartment and wasn’t sure what the future had in store for him.  Her generosity in that one thoughtful moment buoyed his spirits and he’d renewed his efforts found work, a new apartment and moved.  He simply wanted to reward the thoughtful consideration that moved a stranger to offer him a moment of her time, a welcomed coffee and a few heartfelt but kind words.

A mystery was good for the soul.  He again smiled as he wandered away.

Colour Psychology Part 3


The Positive side of white creates barriers (different from black) but it can be a strain.  White carries a touch me not feel.  White has been perceived as purity and sterility and gives a heightened perception of your space.

The Negative side of white are the perceptions it is sterile cold has barriers and can feel unfriendly even elitist.  White can make other colours seem garish. If you’re using “winter” colours, strong bold and dramatic, stark white is the answer.  If you’re using “spring” or “summer” colours then a softer white is in order creating a unified effect. Having said that, as I mentioned previously, I used stark white with “sage” green and the green popped. For me, this is very much a personal choice. Since white has many nuances, again, choose one paint company and stick with them throughout so your white won’t change colour and become “off” white comparatively.


The Positive implications of brown (which usually consists of red and yellow with a large amount of black) creates the same seriousness as black but warmer and softer. Brown can also create warmth and is perceived as solid reliable since it’s the colour of the earth and the natural world.  (Oh, did I mention fun? Chocolate, coffee)

The negative impact of brown is the perception by some that it is suppressive rather than supportive because again, it is perceived as lacking in humour, heavy and lacking in sophistication. “Winter” people often detest brown and any shade thereof while “summer, spring and autumn” people welcome its versatility and find it warm and soothing.

In the past, centuries ago, the following examples are how colour was used.

Red was used to stimulate the body and mind and increase circulation

Yellow was thought to stimulate nerves and purify the body

Orange was used to heal the lungs and increase energy levels

Blue was believed to soothe illnesses and treat pain

Indigo shades were thought to alleviate skin problems

I can only speak from personal experience to say, I find red stimulating, yellow (unless a specific yellow unwelcome), orange energetic, blue soothing and calming while Indigo I am in love with (all its shades).

I hope that when you’re surrounded by colour, you’ll delve deeper into how it makes you feel whether its effect is positive or negative.  If negative emotions prevail, perhaps a colour change is in order.  Enjoy your

I hope this look into colour assists you in choosing your best colours and helps you surround yourself with colours that create a positive effect and introduce a little bit of fun to your environment.  If you are still concerned regarding colour, perhaps massive vase of flours, a few of each colour available will spark an interest and captivate your attention.  Besides they are always a wonderful way to liven up a room.

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