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F is for Flustered #AtoZChallenge #AMWRITING


Gena felt completely flustered!  She’d gone about her daily chores as per normal, focusing on shopping not only for herself, but for her elderly neighbour unable to get to the market as often as necessary.

She’d obtained the groceries, carefully packing them separately so she could drop them and run.  Mrs. Humphrey often lay down for a nap late in the afternoon, and as was her ritual, Gena used her key, deposited the requested items and left.

Today however was different.  She stood outside her door listening to the most beautiful music she’d ever heard.  She stood transfixed, heart soaring.

Unlocking the door, she entered, stopping short.  A handsome man a little older than she sat before a piano, plucking away on the keys.  He was obviously responsible for the melodious sounds she’d been listening to. Mrs. Humphrey was sitting in her worn chair listening, eyes closed, the picture of rapture upon her face while the man was completely absorbed in the music both unaware of her presence.

Gena wanted to say something, but couldn’t.  Enveloped by beautiful music, the expressions on both faces, obviously feeling what she felt, she closed her eyes and stood listening until the end of the piece.

When she opened her eyes, she found both staring at her. Mrs. Humphrey with delight and welcome, the man with curiosity and a mixture of perplexity.

“Hi.”  She was beyond flustered.  His eyes stroked her face her hair and it was as if he’d physically reached out and touched her.

#AtoZchallenge #AMWRITING

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E is for Emotion


Eden was beautiful, talented, young and fresh.  She was what the world was waiting for.  Her talent was next to none.  Her greatest influences were Alicia Keys, Christina Aguilera, Adele, and Leona Lewis.  Spectacular voices, distinct individual uniquely beautiful in their style.

She’d always wanted to sing, ever since she’d picked up a plastic mic when she was five and a half years old and it was obvious to everyone she had a voice like an angel.  She sang for the fun of it, mimicking everyone on the radio.  Her parents used to lay awake at night listening to her hum herself to sleep.

Now she was here, she was playing the big leagues and it was spectacular. Couldn’t be better.  Her voice carried that deeply soulful sound of the ages combined with the sweet contemporary sound of today with a hint of an angel wrapped inside a whisper.

Her performances were deeply emotional, draining, but left the audience wanting more.  As she lay on her bed wrapped in her favourite warm fluffy blanket she sighed. It was all she’d dreamed about, except for one thing.    She was lonely, more correctly, alone.  No time to share the depth of emotion she felt with another human being, man or woman.

She thought music filled her up and it did, without the ability to sing, she wasn’t sure what she would do probably fade away into nothingness, become smoke and simply fly away on a wisp of smoke.

Damian was the first man to cross her path in 10 years that moved her.  He was real, solid, sincere and her bodyguard.  A bodyguard with a serious rep.  Could she, should she take the chance and let emotion lead her where it may? Did she have the courage to reach out?

One day led into the next, and each day she promised herself she’d make a move but didn’t.  Would he? Did he see her that way? Emotions filled her first excitement, then desire, then yearning.  Never doubt. Make the move! she admonished herself, today!

D is for Distrust #AtoZChallenge #AMWRITING


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“Mac, I always go with my gut and there’s something about this I distrust.  Go in easy, wait for back up – follow protocol you hear me?”

“Yeah, I got it.  You know I’m good, I can take care o’ my own right?”

“You’re a great cop,  but for once, listened to a seasoned cop that knows more than you!?  Something’s not right, I feel it in my bones.”

“What especially?”

“There’s something about the way this went down, the info, the way we received it, and I have to ask why you in particular for the meet?  They didn’t know you were involved.  Someone’s yanking our chain.  I think this is payback and a set up to get to you.  Why I don’t know.”

“Just make sure you listen to me and your gut.  If mine is screaming, yours should be too.  This situation stinks!”

“I know man, I got that right off the hop.  I’ll be careful.  I got a beautiful woman to go home to.  I’m not going to take chances on this one.  I’m with you, I distrust the whole set up but if we don’t go through with it, we’ll lose the whole deal, right?”

“I’d rather lose the deal than you.”

“I hear ya.  Ok, I’m going under.  I’ll contact you in an hour.”

“I got your back, but you be careful Dean.”  Dean nodded and walked out the side door.

“Damn but I don’t trust this!”  Picking up the phone he called his friend and confident to touch base.

C Is For Confused #AtoZchallenge #AMWRITING



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“I’m so confused,”  Cathy responded, frustration evident in her voice.

“About what?” I asked somberly

“One minute he’s the cat’s meow and the next he’s a demon from hell.  I don’t understand the back and forth thing.” Cathy dropped her head in her hands.

“I’d say he’s the moody type.”

“Oh is that what it is?”

“He’s a musician and half the time he’s in his head thinking about what to write and how the score works, and the other half he’s down to earth.”

“Which is which? I can’t figure out which pertains to “us” anymore.  It seems he’s moody all the time.  I’m not sure it’s what I want or what I can live with.”

“You’ll get there.”

“How do you know?”

“Cause your a wise woman.  Go with your heart, a little bit of your head to keep it all in perspective and then add a little more heart.”

“I’m not into this roller-coaster ride.  I figured I’d settle on someone more like me, down to earth, calm relaxed.”

“Seriously, Cathy would that be any fun?”

“Doesn’t he add the missing zip, panache, excitement you were looking for?”

“Most of the time, in spades, I can’t keep up.  And that’s the other thing.  I worry he’ll get bored being with me.”

“He chose you, remember?  That says a lot.”

“I’m still confused.”

“It’s ok, confusion is good, when the cloud lifts, you’ll know what to do.”

“I sure as hell hope so!  This letting people in confuses me.  Makes life messy.”

“Hate to tell ya, but most of life is messy.”

To which Cathy’s response was to roll her eyes and smile.  2017 BadgeMessy is good I have to admit.

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Stay calm, breathe! I admonished myself for the 10th time.  It’s not life or death!  It’s meeting an interesting man for the first time.  You’re in a safe location, you have friends nearby you can call for help.  You’re not planning on going anywhere alone with the guy.  It’s a meet and greet only.

I sat with my coffee in hand, dressed casually but with style, enough to impress I thought.  I’d made sure to add perfume, a pair of earrings and bracelets which I rarely did, so that was something.  My friends always said I chose an understated style.  Maybe they were right, but it was comfortable, it was me.

I eyed each new arrival expectantly, perhaps even hopefully.  I hadn’t dated in eons and didn’t know what to expect.  I knew what I didn’t want.  I’d heard horror stories about women getting back out there, in an effort at meeting that someone special.  Too often it was someone’s cast off and there was a reason why. Sometimes the guy hadn’t given up or was too bitter to even consider a new woman in his life and it was a painful experience.

Still, there were opportunities and men who were single by choice, the relationship just simply hadn’t taken for some reason.  There were possibilities. She sincerely hoped this would be one of them.

A tall slender man in jeans, plaid shirt, and cowboy hat walked through the door.  He was sexy as hell. Breathe I reminded myself.  Breathe.  If the interior matched the exterior, this meet held possibilities.

I exchanged a quick glance with my best friend and her boyfriend.  Their startled look suggested the same.  Time would tell.  Breathe!

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A is for? appointment

Damn it! she stomped, angry with herself.  She was never late!  She never missed an appointment!  She was never late!!! Yet for the first time in as long as she could remember, she was, late, not just late but very late.  On this the most important day of her life – the beginning of a promising new career, if all went according to plan.

She was nearly panting as she raced through the door, patting her hair as she went attempting to calm her breathing, hoping against hope that the interviewer was held up and hadn’t noticed her tardiness.

Maryanne was a striking woman.  She rarely gave her looks a second thought, using the mirror to ensure her makeup was correct, her hair styled and her clothes tidy.  Her looks were not of her making, and yes she took time occasionally to enhance them by whatever means she chose, but she was all about the internal.

She knew that MacMillan and Ash were too.  Having read up on them prior to setting up the interview Maryanne was well aware of their standards, ethics, morals and goals.

The advertisement clearly stipulated if you were late, don’t bother.  Timeliness was everything.  They were right, it mattered in life but mostly as relating to this business.  It was their mantra.  She hung her head at the thought.

Just then a debonaire man strode toward her.  She stared open-mouthed.  Christian!

He took one look and smiled, “Worth the wait.”

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