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brassy Picture thanks to big and brassy


The litany of her faults and failures

Were written in the papers in bold letters

Some were calling her brassy

He liked that she was a little sassy

Others claimed she was forward

He pronounced her an exciting reporter

Others thought her actions shameless

He found her fun amusing audacious

Two sides to every coin he thought

Much depended on what you sought

Was it a case of blatant jealousy

Without merit, unending enmity

Time would tell the story quite boldly

For with her there was nothing mousey














I thought by now we’de be solid

As we were in highschool and college

Instead we’re moving apart

Maybe we need a fresh start

You need to hear I love you

Holding us together it’s the glue

Say yes, say yes, cause your the one

I want for ever your the one

Holding us together it’s the glue

You need to hear I love you

Maybe we need a fresh start

Instead of moving further apart

Like we were in highschool and college

So we can once again be solid

Loving you.

My love for you is endless

Always and forever, boundless

Your so special in many countless ways

My heart fills to overflowing as my gaze

Lovingly caresses your beautiful young face

I think of all that life offers beyond this phase

Your precious, delightful, funny and smart

Forever and always you’ll be in my heart.




There was a birthday cake

It sat so pretty on a plate

And then it was cut

And it was too late

To worry about

The size of the slice

Oh my what a surprise






Buff, a word often used

Leaving me somewhat bemused

Its definition means burnished

Cleaning that which is tarnished

Perhaps a piece of furniture

Polished shining left cleaner

Whether antique or new

Burnished, its life renewed

Gleaming lustrous polished and sleek

Certainly, some have fabulous technique

Others exclaim he is “buffed”

What polished and retouched

English language has surely changed

Words with new meaning often exchanged










I’m up, I’m down I’m all over the place

For the moment I am the only brace

When no one is looking I fall apart

From the depths of my soul I take heart

Trusting that all will end as it should

Ah, there, I knew it would





Explosive personality

Filled with brutality

Anger hate destruction

Striking without direction

Man woman or child

Everyone reviled

What will become of you

If this anger you don’t subdue

Fight twist yell and scream

Love sent on a moonbeam

Can heal the most grievous of pain

And wash sorrow away so you can start again







Often it is obscured, the choice

Considerate thought before invoking voice

Shrouded in all kinds of smoke

The truth again and again cloaked

Can’t see the forest for the trees

Sitting pondering on bent knees

Until a whisper of pure light

Illuminates the path making it bright

Now moving forward shadows left behind

With a helping hand find peace of mind









While some radiate peace joy and love

Others radiate the opposite of the above

Menacing anger cruelty and abuse

Vulgar hateful language often they use

Very little light into their soul allow

Instead in darkness they constantly wallow

Feeding their heart and their soul

Creating a much deeper darker hole

From which their ultimate escape

Requires huge effort their lives to reshape









If it were within my power

The entire earth I would scour

Collecting every possible colour

Offering you a rainbow in technicolour

Brilliant reds oranges blues and greens

Luminous colours never before seen

Infuse you with my love to go on living

Sun moon and stars glow shimmering

Always sharing the mundane and sublime

Infusing you with joy lasting a lifetime

Life is for living

Sometimes giving

Always sharing

With much caring

Often profound

If you surround

Yourself with endless possibilities

Sharing god given talent and ability

Look outside yourself

Sometimes inconveniencing oneself

Putting the other one first

Fears and concerns now dispersed



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