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Recreational by Aaron Krauss November Songs

This is a song about regrets and taking responsibility especially when there are doubts. Leaving when it’s over because it’s better.

There was so much that should be said

This isn’t at all what was intended

Even though you were right beside me

Your love shining ever brightly

I couldn’t see you for the forest

For in my life I was but a tourist

My heart belonged to another

I never meant to make you suffer

I didn’t realize you were the rebound

Or another I would have found

We talked about hopes dreams beliefs

All the while from your lips dripped deceit

You should have walked long ago

Your fake love not on any other bestow

Get your head on straight

Before you open loves gate

So your heart full with love you could give

And each of you thereby happily live

The joy that was meant to be

Shared intensely earnestly






Sensational Talent

I’m an avid watcher of The Voice, worldwide.  I have also watched since inception, America’s Got Talent and Britain’s Got Talent.  Why?  Because of the sensational and diversified talent offered.  Many are unknown, having tried valiantly to break into the music world.  Other talents such as Magic Acts, Comedy, Instrumental Talents come to present their routines.

I’m constantly astounded by the amount of talent the world has to offer.  In my personal opinion, many, though unheard of are incredible!  What makes each so special and so unique is their take on the compilation and presentation of any given song, for example.

I will attempt to add links to a couple of singers that were incredible and a couple of Comedy Acts and Magic Acts as well so you have an opportunity enjoy what I have witnessed.

First is Alisan Porter, Mitchell Brunings, Darcy Oakes, Ricky K,  Philip Green, Paul Zerdin.

I mention their names  because I was unaware it forwards to another contestant.  Those are the people I suggested anyway, not that there aren’t dozens more I could suggest and enjoyed immensely.

I hope these few examples delight and please you as much as they did me.


Unique and special

Music to Love

By now, everyone has heard Hello by Adele.  I’ve been enthralled and drawn to her music because of the spectacular quality in her voice which is both unique and special. There have been others with that undefinable “something” in their voice that drew us to them. Most notable, Elvis Presley.

What makes Adele so special is her ability to take on the “organized” if you will, sound music has today.  In so many instances you can literally change out the singer and the sound remains the same.

Not with Adele.  She didn’t go “mainstream” but chose to write and deliver her music, her way!  I applaud her for her courage, bravery, and belief in herself.   You certainly can’t deny the results.  Her records have sold in the millions.

If you’re like me, you have enjoyed the freshness, newness of her sound. I know I will continue to do so.



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