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Getting to the Island

sunset ferryThere are several ways to reach Vancouver Island.  You can fly, board a bus, travel by car and either do a walk on or take your vehicle across the water from Vancouver or Washington to either Victoria or Nanaimo via B.C. Ferries.

There is the inevitable debate regarding fares and costs, but whatever side of the fence your on in this issue, one thing is certain the men and women onboard the Ferry are highly trained, professional and competent.

Having traveled back and forth on numerous occasions, I’ve found this to be true no matter what their job be.  Ive had occasion to interact with many from the Ship’s Captain to the cleaning crew, to those directing traffic and those responsible for preparing and serving the food.  Not an easy task considering the time constraints involved when you have a capacity of  up to 2100 passengers to feed in an hour and forty minutes, depending on which ferry you are on.

So I have the utmost respect for these individuals charged with the care of their passengers and who make their job’s look easy and I deeply appreciate the courtesy respect and consideration they show every passenger from the wee one to the adults.





Who doesn’t delight in dreaming about traveling to far away destinations and the possibility of making those dreams a reality?


Tally Ho Carriage Ride


A firm believer that traveling broadens your horizons and assists in growth as you experience the world and what it offers, I also believe those travels don’t have to include long distances but can take place nearer to home.

Victoria, BC is approximately an hour away.  There are some impressive structures to enjoy such as the “Empress Hotel” with it’s moss covered exterior along with it’s impressive list of famous individuals, some of which I’ve outlined in my novel. It’s Chateau-style was designed by Sir Francis Rattenbury and was built between 1904 and 1908.

And what a find, and how beautiful is Craigdarroch Castle.  Built by coal baron Robert Dunsmuir during the reign of Queen Victoria, it is now a National Historic Site.  It has been meticulously restored, giving visitors a glimpse of the privileged life in the 1890s. The Castle weaves a fascinating tale of an intriguing family – their achievements, their relationships and even their quirks. When I last visited, it was being used as a conservatory of music and housed rooms which included harps, violins, pianos and more.

Although many would rid the world of carriage rides, one of the most beautiful and enjoyable are the Tally Ho Carriage Tours which offer a slow paced ride that includes heritage homes, panoramic water views, snow-capped mountains, and most importantly, a very pleasurable cuddle with that someone special.

These are but a few of my favourite sites to visit in Victoria.




I worked for ten years in a Visitor Information Center and delighted in sharing attractions, destinations and activities that visitors might enjoy and participate in.

I’ve traveled Vancouver Island extensively, including back-roads, forestry roads (which must be traversed cautiously due to on-going logging – and logging trucks have the right of way- it’s best to travel after 4 pm)

Upon moving to Nanaimo, and a hiking enthusiast, we traveled to Tofino and Ucluelet full of anticipation at seeing and enjoying Long Beach.  I wasn’t disappointed.

An hour and a half, approximately along narrow windy roads deposits you in Tofino in approximately 1 1/2 hours depending on traffic and stops along the way.

In between Tofino and Ucluelet (pronounced you-KLEW-let) is the Long Beach Unit of the Pacific Rim National Park Reserve.  The sandy beach, stunning scenery, sometimes rugged coastline is between 16 and 22 kilometers long.  Even for those of us acclimated to the coastlines cooler weather, I must warn that it is necessary to dress warmly because even during the summer, the temperature hover at around 9 degrees celcius.or about 48 degrees F. and can seem cooler with a brisk breeze.

Ucluelet has an amazing history dating back 4300 years after it was originally settled in the 1870’s by fur sealers.

This and more information is included as a backdrop in my novel, Prisoner on Holiday and I felt obliged to include a more in-depth explanation of one of the rich locals Selina visits.





Introductory Offer – eBook release

Covert Novelist,


As we are eagerly awaiting the release of the new eBook Prisoner on Holiday, we would like to extend a special introductory offer to my readers.

Prisoner on Holiday will be available from Smashwords at a 50% off for its exciting debut. July 31st, 2016!

As a Special Promotion we are giving away the first 20% of the new eBook Prisoner on Holiday at Smashwords. A firm believer of try before you buy we would like to take the time to invite you to read this fabulous mystery and get a feel for it prior to purchase.






Prisoner On Holiday – Release

I am excited hopeful and admittedly a little nervous about announcing the release of my novel, Prisoner On Holiday.


Released at Smashwords

Why you may ask?  Because there is a baring of the soul, a releasing of what once was just yours, a sharing of personal thoughts, emotions, and not a little blood sweat and tears along the way and even a little bit of doubt, or perhaps fear.  Fear that what you’ve committed to isn’t quite up to snuff, not quite “there”.  It’s the releasing of your baby, your child.  Ive vacillated back and forth from the position of “spectacular” to having lived with each novel long enough to momentarily lose interest or foresight because I’ve read and re-read each word a hundred thousand times until they become meaningless and trivial.  At this point, it was necessary to step back, put it away for a few days or weeks as the case may be, and read with fresh eyes.

Having said that, I’ve pushed upward and onward to brave what must come.

I am hopeful,expectant and confident.  I hope all of my family and followers will agree with my current assessment of this book and the others that will follow.  Please enjoy and as they say, if your happy, tell others, if your not, tell me.  I have to snicker at that one, couldn’t help it.


Take care, enjoy.

Favourite modern novelists

My list of favourite modern novelists has to include J. D. Robb and Eve Dallas.  Each story has a great theme the relationship between Eve and Rourke and the ongoing relationship growth and challenges she and they face.  The story always centers on her job and the inevitable  constant and ever changing humiliations humans invent to perpetrate upon one another, always with a sense of humour to offset the tragedy while displaying compassion for the family and friends affected by the tragedy.  You are always drawn into reading on in order to ascertain what quirkiness and madcap adventure is afoot.  What keeps her books fresh is the not knowing how she will solve the case.  The edginess is in the very few unsolved cases that haunt Eve Dallas still.

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