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Sleeve: Flower Under Wrap

So beautiful a description, so hopeful, so fun!

Piper's Adventures

foxgloves ms museum of art april 23Peeping from the ground

a show under wraps

the bulb emerges

soon to dazzle and snap

In a special place

the ground begins to warm

the plants grows high

bees begin to swarm

The show begins

there are many buds

each opening with color

sweet nectar is lifeblood

Now in full bloom

beauty to behold

many different colors

each one is bold

Shining brightly

living a moment in a day

fully expressing itself

before fading away

Flowers fade

leaves absorbing the sun

taking in nourishment

till next spring’s run

copyright 2018 Debbie Pierce

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Astonish: The Sky

How beautiful, a picture painted!

Piper's Adventures

sea oat ms gulf coast may 9

Sitting on the patio

astonished at the sky

living in the moment

watching the clouds go by

Looking around

the sky and water meet

it is early morning

the sun is there to greet

Water appears to sizzle

with the gentle waves

birds are diving

they are brave

A cloud gives

a mist of rain

amazing clean scent

nature has gained

An astonishing display of colors

sun sets in the twilight

the moon shines bright

on this magnificent night

Meditation over

there is beauty around

living in the moment

enjoying each sight and sound

copyright 2018 Debbie Pierce

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Welling up from nowhere, fluid freshness Snaking its way through the grass Squelching underfoot and seeping Through the stitching of my boots. Clear, sweet liquid; fountain of life Forming rivulets between the tussocks And carrying tiny particles as it flows Always downward; mind of its own. Whispering, chattering, bubbling With life, love, laughter Skipping over pebbles […]

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Beautiful Poetry and Photos

Given the schizophrenic weather we’ve been experiencing in recent months, I thought this poem appropriate for the occasion, and seeing as how it’s about the seasons, I reckoned I’d throw in a few pics from hikes I took in 2 different seasons. Enjoy, and please do let me know what you think. Changing Seasons Snowflakes […]

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W – Worrying is Worthless #AtoZ 2018

So true!

Not Okay

Truer words, Sarah.

Sarah Doughty

“Here’s the thing:
Nothing about this is okay.
You are not okay.”

Here’s the thing you don’t seem to understand. You aren’t funny. Intolerance, bigotry, and misogyny is no laughing matter. It is not okay to turn someone’s fears into a joke. It is not okay to mock someone. It is not okay taunt a victim. To make excuses for what happened to them. To make light of what they needed to do to survive.

Have you not noticed the trail of burned bridges you’ve left behind you? Have you not noticed the people you have offended? How about the fact that they are women, or men that appreciate women for who they are? Their strength. Their resilience.

No. It is not okay. You are not okay. Get some fucking perspective and some humility while you’re at it.

© Sarah Doughty

Try to learn to be better.
For the sake…

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The beauty of the images of nature: (5f) BEAUTY OF CANADA’S FORESTS Rattlesnake Point: View from the Niagara Escarpment along the Bruce Trail Author: David Sky . Source: Parc provincial Rattlesnake Point, Milton, Ontario Author: Jeff Power . Source: Middle Falls Forest at Pigeon River Provincial Park, Ontario The large forest at Pigeon River […]

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Truly fabulous!

Alicia Aradilla is a Spanish artist who left a lucrative job of a graphic designer at Samsung to chase her dreams. With her magical strokes, she re-creates historical places and monuments of the world. She is currently in India, literally breathing life into the old, forgotten history through her sketches. […]

via Alicia Aradilla is breathing life into the old, forgotten history of India through her sketches — A Blog by Nikita Goel

Daily Post Photography Challenge: Spring Awakening


Sumyanna Writes


is a time of awakening

not only, does the earth come to life

but its creatures return to beautify the scene.

The wind whispers with intent –

as pollen fills the swollen blue skies of longing

and the sun’s rays shine down upon the growing buds

the branches dangling heavily, pregnant with promise.

I raise the camera to my eye

as spring has likewise awakened within me –

the renewal of hope.

(C) Sumyanna 2018

IMG_8268 (2)

IMG_8350 (2)

IMG_8361 (2)

IMG_8446 (2)

IMG_8456 (2)

IMG_8599 (2)

Submitted for the Daily Post Prompt: awakening

Sorry I’ve been away for a bit… My computer died and I was stuck on the kid’s computers which has Net Nanny blocking practically everything 🙂  I’m finally back!

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At last you are shedding the neutral grey and white, wrapping yourself in a green gown, sparkling with iridescent dew tumbling like velvet into a glassy pool still ice cold, quivering on the brink. Hear the promise: morning chorus, finches singing their hopeful hearts to spring. #haibun (I hope!) for #NaPoWriMo Day 12 I’ve never tried […]

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