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Anticipation: Train Ride of Life


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Beautifully said!

Piper's Adventures

TrainRiding in the train

excitement in the air

anticipating the journey

living life with a flair

Slight breeze

through the open window

train chugging along

reaching for tomorrow

Trees and wildlife

beauty along the tracks

living in the moment

unable to go back

Always anticipating

hard to enjoy the day

so much life around

worry gets in the way

The train of life

continuously flowing

so many adventures

the sun is glowing

Train slowing down

a sharp turn around the bend

time to reflect

coming toward the end

Life is beautiful

filled with family and friends

learned so much on this ride

living it fully until the end

copyright 2018 Debbie Pierce

Anticipation: Train Ride of Life

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  1. Life is beautiful and so is your poem.


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