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Blindsided 7


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Maggie turned the TV on and Cassandra tried to watch, but other than a blur of light, she found painful, it was pointless and she sat in silence, sipping at her rum and coke.

Finally, exhaustion overtook her and she turned in.  Everything would look better in the morning, right?

Purposefully hurting her hadn’t been his intent, incapacitating her his goal. Fixing her contact solution had been a brilliant stroke of genius. He hadn’t fully expected these consequences.  From all the info he’d collected, it was supposed to be a short term affect.  She’d never forgive him.  He’d have to win her back somehow.  The question was how.

After checking out of the hotel, they drove straight to Jamison’s office with a few minutes to spare.

Maggy wasn’t sure how to respond. She wanted to reassure her friend everything would be alright but admitted the situation was well beyond her scope of understanding.

Dr. Jamison walked into the waiting area and smiling gently said, “Miss Jeffreys, if you’ll follow me?”  He reexamined her eyes.  “I want you back here on Friday.” At Cassandra’s surprised looked, he continued, “It’s imperative that I consistently and carefully monitor your eyes and progress as well as any changes which might occur that could necessitate a modification in treatment.” Stupefied, Cassandra agreed.  “Ok, I’ll be here.” Her mind was in a fog.

“I’ve set up another appointment for 2:00, here’s my card. The highways can be hectic this time of year, so if you’re delayed, just give the office a call and I’ll wait.  I usually close at 3:00.  It’s imperative that you keep your appointment,” he admonished.

Maggy piped up, “She will, doc.”

“If there are any changes in your vision, or should the pain level become any worse, call my office and come back immediately!  Understood?”

Aloud, Cassandra agreed while secretly asking herself, as compared to what?  She couldn’t see now and wondered what she was supposed to compare the pain to; wasn’t it bad enough already?

On the drive back home, they stopped to grab a bite to eat and she would have been humiliated at the commotion surrounding her as Maggy guided her around.

Under the circumstances, she was unaware of the questioning and concerned glances. Maggy knew why.  They were wondering what had happened to this beautiful woman…and she was beautiful.  Cassandra lived up to her name.  Her slim curvaceous figure, brown eyes, chocolate brown hair and milky white complexion were show stoppers.  Maggy teasingly told her she was actress tall, not model tall.  While she on the other hand, was model tall.  Maggy was five foot ten and slim with gentle curves herself.

They ate at a leisurely pace so it was late by the time they were on the road again, and heading home. Cassy slept, fitfully, but she slept. That was a good thing Maggy decided.

An hour later, she woke and sipped from the bottled water she’d bought at the gas station before leaving Comox.  “Hey, I’m sorry.  That was rude.”

“No, it’s fine.  Why shouldn’t you sleep?  I would!  But hey, someone’s got to drive…next time, you think we could get a limo…that way, we can both sleep.”

Cassandra agreed with a snigger, “Yeah, let’s do that!”


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