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Dinosaur Hunting – Ode to Silly old Sod!


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I loved your piece so much, that this little ditty popped instantly into my head.  Hope you enjoy and don’t think it is an invasion on your piece.  I was completely captivated by it 🙂


It was a day full of cheer

Everyone grinning ear to ear

Watching searching for

That elusive dinosaur

Hiding lurking sneaking about

Where was he hiding, move out!

We’ll capture him at the corner

He can be such a charmer

Look left, look right

I have him in my sight

Get him grandpa your bigger than me

I can’t capture more than a knee

Grandpa jumped into the fray

It was indeed a glorious day!



  1. Trev Jones says:

    Thank you very much. I am very flattered. Very kind of you, thank you again.


  2. Trev Jones says:

    I will show my Grandson in the week.


  3. robertcday says:

    My heart gave a bump
    I thought I’d come up trump(s)
    Then my heart went dead
    The dinosaur was Trev(s)


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