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Blindsided 5


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Afater the three hour drive along Highway 19, they arrived at Comox waterfront, which had blossomed into a delightful resort-like area with a population of around 12,000.  It was a pretty little place, with plenty of accommodations from hotels to B&B’s with a varied compliment of entertainment.  Thankfully Maggy knew the area well, so it didn’t take long to find the hospital.  She dropped Cassandra at the front entrance and went to find a parking spot.

Maggy hustled back to join Cassandra ushering her inside and assisted in filling out the required forms at reception to the waiting room as instructed.  Unable to read, Cassy  stared at the floor her legs bouncing.  She couldn’t quite sit still.

“Well champ, first hurdle overcome.  I parked, right next to a fab car…maybe there’s a fab man to go with it,” she snickered.  “If he’s totally rad, he’s mine, if not, he’s yours…as the instigator, I get first dibs.”

Cassandra chuckled, ”I have to go on your word since I can’t see straight, but if your pulling my leg and I end up with a fat old bald guy, there will be hell to pay!” she kidded.

“Do you want me to go in with you?”

“I’m feeling unusually rattled so I’d appreciate it, Maggy.   I feel like my brain leaked out my ears.  I can’t seem to keep things straight.”

The waiting room was quiet blues and greens the middle of the floor taken up by a huge coffee table littered with books and magazines.  The walls were lined with modular chairs.  Everyone sat dutifully avoiding eye contact.

Nearly an hour passed before the doctor arrived to usher them into a small room containing a variety of equipment.

Dr. Jamison was of average height, and slim build, 30 – 35 she guessed, with brown hair and eyes.  He introduced himself, and sat down in front of her on a stool. “Ok, lean forward Ms. Jeffreys and I’ll have a quick look.”

“I have to put these drops in your eyes.  Things will be orange for a while so don’t be surprised if your tears change colour.”

Cassandra didn’t move a muscle.  He played with the equipment adjusting here and there.

“How did this happen?” He asked, sitting back in his chair.  Cassandra explained she had no idea but brought him up to speed on what she’d done so far.  His perturbed and somewhat confused look did nothing to reassure her. Clearly he was concerned even mystified.

“I’m going to have some drops made up in the hospital pharmacy.  You’ll need to put them in every hour until I see you again tomorrow in my office.”

“Can you tell me what’s going on?”

“You have several problems.  None of which make sense.  So we’re going to try these drops to see how it goes.  That’s why I need to see you again tomorrow.  We may have to make some adjustments and switch the drops to something else.”

“Sit back and try to relax, I’m going to freeze your eyes to take some scrapings to send them to the lab. Hopefully we’ll find out exactly what we’re dealing with.”

Since the morphine was still active, she didn’t flinch.  He knew this was going to hurt for several hours if not days.  Maggy, watching over his shoulder, winced instead.

They both waited expectantly for an explanation. “You have ulcers covering a small portion of your right eye, about seventeen percent; which is causing the pain and blurred vision. However, the real concern is the left eye; the ulceration covers more than fifty percent and is undoubtedly far more painful.  I’m not even going to try and map it!“

At her baffled look he continued, “Our eyes are usually very well protected so it’s extremely rare for bacteria or a foreign agent to infiltrate and cause damage.  However, since the top layer of your eye is no longer in-tact, with over 55 percent of your eye exposed, a microbe has managed to get inside.  The scrapings will assist us in determining what type of foreign agent it is so we can treat it accordingly.”

“Your contacts have done a number on you.” He added, sending an indecipherable and quirky smile her way as he rose to leave.  The perplexed look she understood only too well; since it mirrored her own feelings on the matter. ”I’ll be back in a few minutes.”

“What do you think he means, Cassy?”

“I don’t have the vaguest idea.  Something tells me he doesn’t either.”

“I am always very careful with my contacts, always have been, they come into direct contact with my eyes.”

“So I’m confused…if he thinks you got something in your eye from of contacts, then, how and when did it happen and what was it?”

“I don’t know.” And frankly, Cassandra didn’t care!  She felt too confused and detached to think clearly much less come up with answers to questions she hadn’t thought of.

When Dr. Jamison returned, he was carrying two types of drops.  “I’ll put these in now, and then in an hour, you must add them again.  They are very both fragile and perishable so must keep them on ice or refrigerated.”



  1. Sheryl says:

    Eye problems creep me out and make mine water in sympathy.


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