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Although it might even seem strange

The only constant in life is change

The clouds move on the sun appears

In the blink of an eye many tears

From somewhere laughter suddenly erupts

Often surprising, perhaps abrupt

Accepting change will happen

Whether in clothes and fashion

Giving new things a chance

Not merely a peripheral glance

Daily experiences neither good nor bad

Therefore lifting us up making us glad

We are alive and living our lives

Seeking experience that revives








  1. Sumyanna says:

    So very true. Sometimes, we fear change but it can be the best thing for us. It’s often a surprise to think of where we’ve come from…


  2. Margarita says:

    I’m comforted by the constancy of change, Phyllis. It reminds me to live in the present so as not to miss a minute of the change! 😉 xoxoM


  3. Loved this 💜💜


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