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Critical Error 89


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“This is amazing!  It’s huge!  Oh, this is going to be fun!”  Christina chirped.  “Oh my god, look at the sunken boat, it’s fab!”

Heading into the first round, they were keyed up and excited.  It didn’t take long for Paul to realize they were indeed serious mini golfers as they banged off course after course and he laughed as he managed to keep up, barely.

The rest of their crew had lagged behind and they shouted barbs across at them and the joviality was fun warm and real.  Whenever a moment presented itself he dragged Eilea closer and held her hands, slipped an arm around her her snuck a few delightful kisses in.  His eyes glowed warmly as he peered into hers.  “You are so dang much fun!”

When they rounded the corner and entered the sunken boat she was all over it whooping and hollering with a hole in one and yelled out, “Beat that ya rug rats!  That’ll teach ya me hearties!”  They eventually caught up and Paul hauled her to his side and hugged her tight, “This is an entirely new side to you.  I like it.”

“We take our mini golf seriously,” she said with a laugh.

“I can tell.  However, your number is up,” he remarked pointing at the upcoming course.  “This one ought to test your metal!”

“Never fear,” she sighed delightfully before breathing deep, “I’m all over this!”  And she was.  While tallying up their scores, with Eilea well in the lead Andrew a close second, Christina one point behind and he himself taking up the rear, he laughed.  “I demand another round!”

Just as Eilea agreed, “That can be arranged!” the teens saw the bumper boats and headed off to enjoy crashing and bobbing about in the water.

“Alright, missy, bring your best game!” Paul quipped.   Jason and Sandy joined them for the next round, while Jessica and Herb accompanied the teens to the water course.

Half way through Paul was congratulating himself loudly on his single point lead on Eilea when a bullet whizzed past his head lodging in the wood behind him, “Down, everybody down!  Shots fired!” he gestured to other people near by, “Down, get down!” then dived for Eilea covering her body with his.  Wrapping her with his arms and legs he rolled her toward the closest edge tall enough to offer protection.  Immediately on his walkie talkie he began issuing orders to get the teens off the rides and out of harms way.

Immediately pandemonium took over with people yelling screaming scrambling upon hearing his warning.  Most huddled behind the nearest object they could find while the other crews that had followed at a discreet distance were racing from the highway toward the high ground on the other side of the park from which the shots were fired.

Paul was shocked the perp took this opportunity to attack since there was no way out.  The highway and the entrance were blocked and he was effectively sandwitched in the middle.



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