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Critical Error 88


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Paul was on tender hooks awaiting their decision. He knew his observations were right.  They were close he could feel it in his bones.  This miscreant was on a mission and he wouldn’t stop now.  It was full steam ahead regardless of the risk.  He was acting headless of consequences.

Eilea entered the kitchen, a smile upon those luscious lips firmly wrapping her arms around him.  “We’ve decided but I’d like the kids to explain.”  She kissed his temple tenderly and taking hold of his hand led him back to the media room.

He sat beside Eilea with Christine and Andrew lounging on the chesterfield.  “Ok, so what is your decision?” Paul asked.

“We’de rather stay, see this thing through.  We’re in agreement.  If we leave, go to a safe house, we could be there forever.  We’re not willing to give in or give up our lives to this maniac.”  Christine was adamant, it was in her voice and body language.

“If we go home, we’re at larger risk, because he could be anywhere and attack at any time.  Since we aren’t about to live like nuns in a convent and continue living our life as we see fit, we figured it was simpler to stay put and finish this out.”  Andrew’s body language held anger.

“Ok then.  We finish this!”  Paul’s sigh of relief told them all they needed to know.  “I have to explain that this situation is still fraught with danger.  You’ve seen how perverse he is.  He’s not about to let up.  I think that is his undoing.  He’s not seeing clearly and he won’t stop now.”

“Everyone is on high alert, we’ll be protected every moment. You may not like the results because damn near every movement will be monitored to keep you safe, but I feel it in my gut.”

“I’d stack my life on your gut,”  Christina assured him.  “It’s the one valuable lesson I’ve learned through all of this.  Never push your gut instincts aside, they won’t let you down.”

“Does this mean we can’t ride or take day trips and just enjoy?” Andrew asked.

“Not at all.  The more we’re out and about the more likely he’ll make a move.  He’s determined at this point to take us out or grab Eilea.  Either works in his mind…what little he has of one.”

“Then let’s get on with it.  Let’s plan something.”  Christina smiled devilishly.  “I was scouting activities and found Paradise Mini Golf and Fun Park in Parksville.  It looks like a lot of fun, what do you guys think?”

“I’m in!”  Andrew grinned delightedly.

“Sounds like fun times for all.”  Eilea said, “Bring your A game, Paul, I’m good, oh so good at this.”

“You don’t say?”  Wrapping her up in his arms he said, “I’m sure you are.”

He made a quick call to inform

They piled in

He squeezed Eilea’s hand firmly

“Oh yes,

Lifting his gaze to the rear view mirror he said, “Your mother suggests a wager.

“If you win, you buy us dinner at the local steak house.  If we win, we buy you a golf shirt.”

They alighted from the truck, Paul paid for the tickets and gear.  They met up with the other three couples who would play through with them and it was on like donkey kong!





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