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Critical Error 85


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Paul’s head pounded and as soon as they ate, retired to the bedroom to lay down in a dark room for an hour.  When he got up he was feeling better but still necessitated the pills the doctor had ordered if a headache got out of hand.

When he entered the living room he couldn’t find anyone.  Peering outside, he found the trio in the garden.  Everyone was involved in weeding and the results were spectacular.

Joining them he said, “Wow, this is quite the treat!”

“We hoped you’d like it,” Eilea said straightening.  “Have you seen the barn yet?”

“No, what’s been going on out there?”

Linking arms, Eilea led the procession to the back yard.  “Have a look.”

He was stunned to see the side of the barn had been repaired and several bundles of fresh hay flanked the barn.  There were workmen shoveling fresh hay into all the stalls and the horses were looking on in delighted amusement pawing the ground eager to get inside.  “When did this happen?”

“They showed up late last night and managed to get the sides replaced before dark then returned early this morning.  We were hoping you wouldn’t notice until the job was complete.”

Paul pulled Eilea close, “I don’t know what to say.”

“We didn’t have much to do with it.  It was the guys from the detachment.  They got ahold of the insurance adjuster and made it happen pronto.”

Paul gingerly walked to the men hard at work, “Hi fellas.  This is wonderful.”

“No problem.  It will be when we’re done.”  Stopping for a minute looking at the horses, “I’m pretty sure it’s appreciated.”  He nodded at the horses.

“If I was up to it, I’d roll around in the hay.”  Paul laughed.

Andrew went to saddle Britches as Christine saddled Showgirl and as soon as they were finished, they waved and headed toward the beach.  “They’ve been riding them daily to give the horses a break.”  They watched an officer slide onto the other horse and head out.  “They’ll be meeting several officers already located on the beach and awaiting their arrival.  Your men are good, Paul.  I’ve been impressed with their coordination and tact.”

Paul pulled Eilea closer.  “Glad to hear it.”


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