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Critical Error 82


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Eilea the kids and two others hovered inside the emergency room awaiting the verdict.  Paul had apparently regained consciousness and was lucid and angry.  She had to smile at the rather robust use of cursing emanating from his room as he obviously was unwilling to remain in the hospital any longer than necessary and wanted out.  His Sarg had been called in to assure him Eilea’s family would be looked after until such times as he was able to join them.

When the dust settled, he was moved into a semi-private room for the night as they fully intended keeping track of him due to the concussion he’d received.

They entered his room together to find him laying prone eyes closed.  As soon as he was aware they had entered he tried to sit up and clasped his head.  “Shit!”

Eilea and Christina walked to the right side and Andrew rounded the bed to stand on the other side.  “Hey, this your fancy way of getting out of dishes?”  Andrew smirked.

Paul asked, “Did it work?”

“I think so.  You saved our bacon too.  A few stayed behind to clean up the bbq. Oh and by the way, you have a way of making bbqs live.  It’s been an interesting highlight I gotta say.”

Paul smiled up at Andrew.  “I think I went overboard, but yeah…” He winked at Andrew before turning back to Eilea and lifting his hand to capture hers.

“Hey, beautiful!  You ok?”

“I’m fine and not the one laying on a hospital bed with a concussion.” She leaned down to plant a gentle kiss on his unexpecting lips then added, “You know, there are other ways of getting out of dishes and clean-up detail.  Next time, just ask…” she leaned in for another kiss.  Andrew and Christina exchanged knowing glances and a smile lit both faces.

“I take it you didn’t see it coming.”

“No, I had an uneasy feeling, put everyone on alert and under the guise of watering went out front to have a look and before I could turn around, the lights went out.  Holy hell, did they ever.  Not even sure stars registered it just went black.”

Eilea clasped his hand tightly.  “You know what I’m thinking, right?”

“No, no safe house!  Promise me you won’t let anyone talk you into moving.  One I’ll never know where you are and two, it won’t encourage this ass to make another move, and if he does locate you, then you’ll be sitting targets.”

“Not unlike you?”

“That was a one time deal. I promise you he won’t get another chance!  I’ll see to it.”

They sat and chatted until the staff finally threw them out.  Paul was obviously tired so they headed back to his place with the officers that drove them and when they entered the place was spic and span clean.

They huddled in front of the tv hoping to find a movie to watch as their enthusiasm for doing much else had dwindled.  Eventually, they all turned in for the night after hugs were exchanged.

Eilea was seriously contemplating taking her kids and leaving if only to protect Paul, but he was right.  If she disappeared whether into a safe house or not, they wouldn’t see him again until the maniac was caught.  At this point, it was unclear how long that would take and she was selfish enough to want Paul in her life.  She’d been absolutely sick when she realized he’d gotten to Paul and admid feelings of guilt and fear prayed to the gods he would be ok.

To say she was enjoying his company would have been putting it mildly.  She was loving his company and everything about him.  She wanted more of him and his time.


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