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It was a beautiful day.  The sun shone brightly overhead amid wispy clouds lazily making their way across beautiful azure blue skies.  Jennifer leaned back, on supporting arms behind her and raised her lovely face to the sky. Could life be more idyllic?

Life had thrown her some heavy-duty curves but she’d survived it all.  As a small child, she’ faced much adversity inside and outside their home.  Both parents worked long hours to provide amid a climate of uncertainty and worry. At times it had been lonely.

Her constant companion as an only child had been Ruffles, their short haired terrior who’d accompanied her everywhere on every excursion outing and adventure.  Her friends sometimes complained since he’d give their location away when playing hide-and-seek or grab their tennis ball and race away, ever reminding them of his presence.

Upon finishing school, her proud parents present gracing graduation and her final day amid much delight happiness and relief were hopeful she’d enjoy a better life.  Top of her class, job opportunities presented but she wanted time off.  She wanted to travel perhaps to Amsterdam, Norway, Sweden.  She was prepared to backpack through all of Europe experience other cultures, adventure, growth.

That was when she’d met Peter.  Tall, strong, fun-loving, playful. A godsend to a young woman who although having experienced relationships hadn’t entertained the idea of continuity or the possibility of commitment until now.  She longed for someone to travel through life with.  Her parents’ marriage was rock solid throughout the turmoil of lost jobs and opportunities.  They clung closely together and she’d always felt encircled by their love and affection.

Despite whispers, rumours innuendo regarding Peter, she gently moved forward with anticipation.  That was her mistake, her undoing.  He wasn’t all that he appeared to be on the surface. It seemed the rumours were true.

Heartache surrounded her as she packed her bags prepared to leave this place and all its memories along with it.  Lesson learned? she wondered aloud. Indeed the hard way. Looking beneath the surface would forever be uppermost in her mind.

This was not the finale, the end, but a new beginning she reminded herself.  Jennifer sighed as a single tear rolled down her cheek. Time would tell. And there was plenty of time, she consoled herself with a backward glance at all that was.




  1. Sumyanna says:

    Wow. Beautiful write, tugging at heart strings.


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