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Critical Error 80


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Damn!  Strategy, he needed a strategy.  Think! He slammed his fist against the steering wheel.  Music from the radio blasted inside his head.  The song pounded his emotions and had him firing on all cylinders.  Every nerve ending, every fibre of his body was aflame with emotion swirling from angst to anger to rage and back to undying love for the woman in the vehicle up ahead.

Soon the music became distant as his mind travelled back to the moment he’d met her – a lifetime ago, a moment ago.  He’d entered the CofC to obtain a map.  She’d asked questions and opened the world to him.  Taking him from display to display, her heartfelt questions followed by material on the area that might be of interest to him. It was as if he’d known her all his life and she, him.

After explaining Cape Scott Park and her interest and yearning to hike there this year, he’d made a point of learning all he could about the place and taken the journey himself.  He was captivated by it, and her.  He’d followed up on some of the other suggestions she’d encouraged him to try, equally delighted.  Little by little he began to understand her, know her, enjoy her.

He began dropping by to thank her when he’d accomplished and stroked off another on the list of activities she’d outlined.  She seemed as delighted as he was pleased with his discoveries along those journeys.  Eilea, her name was Eilea.  She’d spoken so encouragingly, lovingly, looking him directly in the eye – no one else existed.  He knew she felt no cared for him as deeply as he’d come to care for her.

Then suddenly she’d changed jobs shocking him, but more making a chance meet nearly impossible.  He’d had to settle for watching her from afar.  Not enough, never enough, not nearly enough!

Time was of the essence.  His transfer to Hardy was a temporary one necessitating he move things along, but something held him back.  Instead, he’d called and hung up which propelled him into calling repeatedly.

He’d been smart enough to obtain equipment that by-passed the system allowing him unfettered contact whenever he wished.  A stop-gap nothing more.

Now was time to make his move.  He’d have to prepare, well!





  1. roseelaineblog says:

    Scary stuff 😳😬


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