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Shake Six-Word Challenge


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I can’t make the link work it just keeps circling.

Maggy couldn’t shake the reality of the situation she was in as a single tear tracked down her firm young cheek.

They told her it was about choices, but what kind of a choice was this?  Either give up her friend knowing he would die or die alone.  This was not a choice but an ultimatum that either way ended badly for one or all.

The only choice she’d made in all this was to support a friend in need and she already acknowledged that choice not on behalf of a noble cause, belief, or truth but owing to loyalty – her loyalty to a friend – she prayed the price paid was worth it for all.



  1. roseelaineblog says:



  2. I would be happy to link this up to Six Sentence Stories for you if you’d like. Just message me at Is your initial sentence intended to be the first of the required six?


  3. stbarbebaker says:

    Very wonderful


  4. Hi again! My blog is on Blogger, if you click on where it says Josie Two Shoes next to my photo icon it will take you there. Clicking on the photo takes you to WordPress that I use to comment on WordPress blogs because some won’t accept Blogger comments. It’s messy! 🙂 I am going to go ahead and link your story up to Six Sentence Stories for you!


    • I’m pretty much blind, Josie, and today is the “blind” side of things. I can barely see. Give me a couple days to try to get to your site. I thank you so much for helping. I can’t see well enough to do much today.


  5. I love the strong sense of loyalty and caring you’ve written into this story, and of course you now have us wanting to know so much more about what is happening and how they’ve come to this point. That’s the mark of a good story… wanting more! 🙂


    • It is, and thank you Josie, so very much!


    • Perhaps tomorrow I’ll be able to see better, so I can peruse your site, I’m looking forward to it. I just can’t see well enough atm. I have the screen set to 1 1/2 inches so we’ll see, perhaps by end of day it will be better. Thank you for your assistance so delightfully given and graciously accepted.


  6. A brilliant little piece of an obviously much bigger picture.


  7. kalpana solsi says:

    This was not a choice but an ultimatum………… well said.


  8. UP says:

    Very good. Horrid choice, well done.


  9. Fabulous Phyllis xx


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