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WP Issues???


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Not sure what’s going on with WP, but I have to keep turning it off and restarting to get my keys to work, to get messages, see reader, and notifications doesn’t turn off so I’m not sure if I’ve answered chatted or your receiving them.

Anyone else having similar issues?  This has been ongoing for 3 weeks now, and seems to be escalating instead of getting better.

I sent a message outlining issues, not sure it was even sent or received.

Please forgive if sudden letters are missing, I’m afraid you’ll have to add them in (haha mind challenge!)

I turned WP off for an entire day just because it became so frustrating.

Rant over.  Talk to you as I can, I guess….



  1. I have had this issue several times. I think, I updated the browser (Chrome) and the problem was gone. WP app also gives similar errors time to time.


  2. Love it Now says:

    I have often some problems but I got used to it…


  3. I receive all you send and see all you write ❤️🌹


    • Ok, thank you, I’ve been wondering. There was one other who mentioned they were having issues and contacted WP and they hadn’t received word.

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      • Yes the other day I couldn’t use my keys on WP thought it was just me – sort of glad it wasn’t but also grrr


      • Exactly. Thank you for letting me know. Only one other was having problems.

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      • I had an issue where it unfriended everyone following me once, WP can be weird-hinky for sure.


      • I had that experience once. They didn’t speak English and may not have understood what they were saying, but wow, it shocked me. I watch people’s blogs and I only contact and friend people who have a positive attitude. Like you! 🙂

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      • I definitely think if English is your second-language then texting or emails/writing online can convey an alternative message and you can be misunderstood, I would probably not assume someone was being unkind if that were the case, but yes, it’s weird when things shock you and you feel ‘how can someone do that?’ I hope I would never get ‘used’ to being shocked by cruelty or that it becomes the norm. Thank you!


  4. Sumyanna says:

    I’ve had problems with other sites as well. It might be our browsers. I’m going to update mine.


  5. So it’s not just me!!


    • Apparently many are having issues, ever since they made those changes. I’ve had issues for 4 weeks and it’s getting worse. I have to turn WP off and restart in order to type because a r l g don’t work. So if you get a message like that, you’ll have to read between the lines smirk smirk. Cause I apparantly got so annoyed I didn’t retype it haha

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