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Critical Error 78


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They grabbed their lunch and ate at a table overlooking the ravine.  “This is so frustrating, Paul.  I can’t tell you!  I don’t know how you put up with it day in and out.”

“It’s frustrating to a degree but I know I’ll get the perp.  In this case, I’m finding it as frustrating as you because I’m close to you.  With others, it’s easier to distance myself.  On this occasion, I’m in the thick of it, along with you.  And, I’m sorry.”

“Thanks.  I appreciate that.  So what should we do?  We can’t continue our hike until the path’s been cleared, and from the look of things, that could take awhile.”

“Since we packed beachwear, I thought we could head to Parksville and enjoy the beach for awhile, what do you say?”

The teens were in agreement and once lunch was finished, they loaded up the vehicles and headed out.

Reaching Parksville, the teens donned their bathing suits and played and swam in turn while the adults played cards.  They were having a great time.  The weather couldn’t have been more co-operative.

The remained uneventful to everyone’s great relief.  Still, they waited for the other shoe to drop because certainly, he hadn’t given up, he was lurking somewhere, in all probability somewhere nearby.

Someone produced a harmonica and before long toe-tapping knee-slapping music had everyone laughing and joking, teasing and jostling one another.  Paul was relieved when he noted everyone having fun, cares aside for the moment.  He knew everyone working the case was on overtime using every means available to track this perv down.  The sooner the better before he did something really dangerous.

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