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Cal found her intoxicating.  It wasn’t one thing but many.  Her effervescence, her joie de vivre, the way her eyes lit up when she encountered something exciting interesting or moving.  How tender her heart was, that moved her to run to any child hurt or crying to pick them up if they’d fallen down.

When he stood near, he was immediately lost in the scent of her perfumed hair, her long slender neck beckoned a touch a kiss a taste.  He was madly in love with her.  Could barely keep his hands off of her, wanted her desperately.

This was his wife, the love of his life!  The woman he adored from sun-up to sun-set. He could well imagine them in their 80’s and he’d still feel the same. She was the love of his life there could be no other.

He’d created a perfume just for her that embodied all of what he associated with her.  He desperately hoped his perfume “Amelia” would please her as much as him and evoke her pleasure.

Amelia knew something was up, the look in his eye told her of expectation and excitement.  She walked toward him a smile upon her lips, a question in her eye.

He held out a beautiful little bottle shaped like a diamond.  “You finished it?”

“Indeed, and what’s more, it’s yours.”  She lifted the perfume and read her name.

“Oh, Cal!  I don’t know what to say!  I’m completely honoured.”

“Try it, my love, see if it’s you.”

She did. And it was.  Perfection in a bottle she’d said before falling to the floor unconcious.  He looked on in horror!




  1. LucciaGray says:

    Oh dear! I didn’t see that coming…


    • My attempt at Robert Redford hehe, he always ends with a twist, goes the opposite direction of what you expect! Every now and again I have to add it in. It’s an every day occurrence in my life, what with the number of allergies in this family. It’s always my first consideration when buying something for someone else.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Oh I remember having to keep an epi pen under the sink in case my boy had an anaphylactic shock, lucky he grew out of it!


      • At one time I had to have 3 on hand whether we used them or not. 900.00 a year, ouch. My son is allergic to all medicine (penicillan, sulfa, all of them) my daughter is allergic to everything! the list is massive from fish and shellfish to penicillan to eggs, milk, cheese, cucumber, you name it. I’m allergic to penicillan. Trust me I have rushed my daughter to hospital barely breathing only to add something else to the list. Scary crap! She’s getting worse for allergies instead of better. So while she can’t eat real food, I can’t eat synthetic. Polar opposites. makes life interesting and challenging to create foods for everyone. Outside of the likes and dislikes of little people who seem to hate everything. slaps head! ugh

        Liked by 1 person

      • Oh my! How awful for you. I bet you don’t even want to cook let alone eat! They never actually discovered my boys allergy, it was scary when it happened though!


      • Same here, we’de eaten fish forever, then one day, out of the blue, my daughter couldn’t breath after eating a piece of fish…no car, called a cab to get to hospital and it was close, so close, her grandmother is allergic to fish and shellfish as is my daughter. She nabbed all the allergies from everyone. And yes, mealtime is stressful and annoying because no one can eat the same things. I like fresh, veggies and fruit. Little people wont eat that of course. Thank you for understanding.


      • Scary when it happens, I remember being terrified. I totally understand xxx


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