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Critical Error 73


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Eilea was on edge.  It showed in jerky movements, darting glances, and hesitation.  She was right to feel agitated.  He was a seasoned cop and he felt the touch of nerves. Never as acutely felt as now, with Eilea and her kids involved.

They were dear to his heart.  He knew when the time was right, it would broad-side him, and it had.  These were his kind of people.  Smart, funny, adept, able to go with the flow.  It seemed he was making headway with Andrew.  Christina was more relaxed around him.  Whether it was because he was a cop and they required his expertise at this time, he was available, or whether because they were accepting him personally, he wasn’t entirely sure.

Still, the ruse with Eilea was working, dragging their opponent into uncharted waters, forcing his hand.  It also made him more acutely aware of her as a woman and he desired her, even more, enjoyed every moment of her company.  If adversity brought out the unexpected in people, showed their true colours, then he had his answer.  For she was strong, determined and handling the situation well.

The end of the day, everyone was tucked up tight and he knocked on her door. After she called out, he entered and they enjoyed an uninterrupted romantic night that would stay in his memory forever.  Charming, relaxed, open, giving and receiving, her romantic side knew no bounds. He lay looking down at her sleeping form feeling exceedingly touched.  Eilea hadn’t allowed many close since her separation, so he felt the depth of her giving all the more.

He stroked her hair before laying down and wrapping his arms around her, feeling her snuggle close as a whisper escaped.

Eilea woke to the firm arms wrapped tightly around her and smiled before snuggling back in for a few more minutes.  She was falling for this man, what’s more, she loved the idea and welcomed the thought there may be a future for them together.

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  1. AprilEsutton says:

    Probably some ethical question here.


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