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Rattled #AtoZChallenge #amwriting


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Dana tried, oh my god she’d tried, but the man was insidiously short sighted and and “stupid!” she yelled out loud though there were none to hear.  The campaign hinged on the elegance and possibility, the nuance of romance in an idyllic setting.  It wasn’t supposed to be staged with robotic men and women.  No one would buy that, ever!

They needed a man oozing charm, elegance, refined but edgy.  A woman sitting nonchalantly at a table enjoying the setting sun, looking out across the horizon, possibly dreaming of meeting someone special.  A man worth sharing her life with, dependable, the essence of stability, reliability but with charm and grace. A chance meeting, unexpected, surprising, delightful.

Marshal’s idea was staid, dry.  They needed to kick it up a notch, they needed bold dynamic excitement, hinted at, suggested.  These clients were edgy but enjoyed a hint of romance in their advertising.  They weren’t into scantily clad men and women.  This was a step beyond what they expected but it was perfect.

Yet he second guessed her every step of the way.  He was impossible!  What’s more, she’d allowed him to rattle her, for the first time in her career.  She knew she was right.  Her senses were always on target. She’d study previous advertising campaigns, get a feel for the direction they were going. Her intention was pushing them a little past their previously comfortable outlook hoping to capture a fresher audience without alienating the classic long time clients.

Standing straight she marched into his office.



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