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Critical Error 71


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They fell into bed with thoughts swirling in their heads about what he might do next.  Paul had men in place and it was a start.  He’d contacted his superiors to see how they wanted to play this.  Their over-riding concern was keeping the family safe because this guy was a real loose cannon.

When they mentioned safehouses, Paul pointed out it wouldn’t assist in catching him.  Hiding the family away would result in delaying the inevitable whereupon they’d return home unprotected and alone.  In Paul’s estimation, the perp was quite capable of burning down the entire apartment building in order to get to Eilea or her family.  They had to catch him the sooner the better.

Since he sent evidence proving he was nearby rubbing their impotence in their face, he was feeling cocky.  Hopefully, too cocky.  The plan was to go public, attend events, outings, whatever placed them in a position where his proximity could be noted.  Once they had an idea who he was, they could take him down.

Paul and Eilea planned a number of outdoor activities they could ostensibly attend over the next few days.  With an army of officers tagging along and on the sidelines others observing watching and taking pictures of anyone who showed a particular interest in any of them.

Christina was feeling better so their first trek was through Witchcraft Lake, a 45- minute hike.  Surrounded by friends and dozens of visitors, they dragged their feet as they sauntered along, hoping to break away from the crowd trekking and draw the perp out.

If the perp was careful, and there was no reason to suspect otherwise, it could take considerable time to eliminate all the possibles.


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