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Nerves #AtoZchallenge #amwriting


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Normally Lanna had nerves of steel.  Nerves weren’t an issue.  Once she chose a direction, she went for it, she was on her way.  Sometimes it worked well, at others she’d changed paths but change was good and never threatening to her.  Normally.

Today she was nervous.  She hadn’t seen the next door neighbour in several days.  He was a healthy male between 26 to 30 she guessed.  He was buff, tanned, handsome and wow, just wow, dare she think it?  Sexy.  He made her drool every time she watched him watering plants, cutting the lawn or frolicking with the dog. He seemed laid back, relaxed and happy.  That made him more appealing than the physical attributes which were needless to say outstanding.

Having toyed with the idea of dropping by with one of her famous casserole dinners he could cook whenever she’d been too busy and involved with work to think anymore about the prospect.

It struck her earlier when she finished her morning job that he’d been M.I.A. for four days and counting.  It was the neighbourly thing to do wasn’t it?  Checking to see if he was alright?  Heaven forbid he’d fallen and couldn’t get up! Needed “her” assistance.

Finally, breathing deeply, she grabbed the freshly made casserole and headed over.  Ringing the bell elicited no response.  She couldn’t hear movement, music, or sound of any kind.  Then she heard the dog bark.  Ok, this is a start.  Pulling open the screen, she knocked again and called through the closed door, “Anybody alive in there?”

She tried the doorknob and finding it unlocked, pushed the door open calling again.  Hearing a faint answer she pushed past the dog and headed to the kitchen and lay the casserole dish on the counter.

“Hi, I’m the neighbour.  Just brought dinner for you.  Um, you ok?”

“Come in,” he called from the porch.

Lana walked toward the sound the dog at her heels.  “Hi.”

“Hey,” he nodded.

“Wow, glad I stopped by.  You look like you could use a hand.”

“I’m managing, but a friendly face is always welcome.”

After offering to freshen his lemonade, he bid her sit.  Ok she thought, she had reason to be nervous as up close and personal he had a major effect on her senses. Wouzers. Good job Lana!




  1. Roseelaineblog says:

    Great story 😊😃😀


  2. I think you mean “pushed past” rather than “pushed passed” in the sentence “After hearing a faint answer she…”


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