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I wanted to tell you,

As emotions accrued

I wanted to share,

But you weren’t there

I kept it all inside,

Ever trying to hide

Never speaking out,

Or saying out loud

Pain of your betrayal,

The effect of your denial

You were the adult,

Therefore the catapult

Trust integrity truth,

Never given uncouth

Pain you caused so deep,

Makes me want to weep

Anger at your ignorance,

Such uncaring indifference

Depths of my love,

Never be empty of

The beauty seen from within

Without you there, they win.









  1. Beautiful poem 😊


  2. beinpickii says:

    Melancholy but lovely


  3. Oh Phyllis this is fantastic, captures the emotion totally! Sorry I’m behind on reading blogs, drowning in packing boxes 📦 xxx


    • Who could blame you considering all your doing! I’m delighted you have time at all! thank you for dropping by to rad cause I can only imagine how hectic your life is at the moment and will be for a few days yet I suspect. XOXOXO


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