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Critical Error 70


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“I don’t mind admitting it was incredibly upsetting, seeing that!”  Christina interrupted.

“Still, we’re not kids, mom.  This includes us.  We need to know your safe.” Laying her hands on either side of her mother’s face, she continued, “One day, I want you there to walk me down the aisle.  See my first child.  Play with your grands.”

“If this guy’s this fixated on you, and there’s no other way to describe the insanity, then we do everything in our power to protect you, use every skill, every tool available.  Paul obviously knows his stuff.  The psychology of this guy’s beyond me, but his goal, isn’t.  I think Paul’s probably right on target.  That doesn’t mean I’m not scared spitless, cause I am.  He could take me or Andrew out for that matter, or take us hostage to get to you.  He’d know you’d do anything, come instantly, move heaven and hell to get to us even trading yourself on our behalf.”

“I don’t know about Andrew, but I don’t want it to come to that.  I don’t want to give him that option.  I want Paul to cut his legs out from under him so he has nowhere to go, no- where to run to, and no place to hide!”

“I’m all for that, and I’ll do whatever it takes.”  She looked toward Andrew for confirmation.

He nodded then added, “We’re not in the same league as this crazy, mom, we don’t know how it works, what makes them tick, but Paul’s given us a pretty good idea.  I’ll do whatever he suggests to take this guy down.  I mean look at it, he got to Christina and Brandon, and we had help.  Imagine what he’d do if we didn’t? ”

“Outgunned outnumbered and definitely outmanouvered, I see.  I’m not disagreeing with Paul.  I agree with his assessment, to be honest, I just don’t want you two involved.”

“Mom, we are involved, case you haven’t noticed!”  Andrew stood tall.  “There’s no easy way out as I see it.  We don’t know what his next move is! You said it yourself.  So we need a plan.  The one you two concocted is working.  He’s gone off the deep end from the sound of it. Waiting in the wings isn’t on his agenda, active participant would be my take.  For what it’s worth.”

Eilea wrapped an arm around each of her kids and pulled them close.  “When did you two get so smart?  So adept at seeing life’s realities?”

Andrew smiled, “Hell, you taught us that when we were in diapers.  Right, Christina?”

“Yeah, I’m pretty sure that’s when it started,” she snickered.

“Ok, we have a current plan, do we fine toon it, scrap it, what?”

“Oh, and don’t think I didn’t notice, liberty is over!”  Eilea winked.  Andrew smiled lifting his chin.





  1. Oh my, you’ve reached 70 already!? I really need to catch up and reread Critical Error xx


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