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Critical Error 69


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“I’ve obviously had anxious moments but this is a whole new level of anxiety.  I don’t know where or what more importantly who he’ll strike at next.”

“Until now that sense of control has given him the upper hand.  We’re systematically cutting it down and subsequently forcing the issue.”

Eilea added, “Which in turn makes him crazier more frenzied.”

“Yes.  I would never advise trying this alone without police protection, it would be exceedingly dangerous and ill advised.  In reality, you have a bodyguard, me.”  He smiled.  “On top of that, we have a virtual army surrounding you and the kids.”

“So what’s our next move?”

“It’s pretty obvious he’s not impressed with our amorous ways.  We’ll continue (ya know it’s such a hardship – what I do for the job) as before.”  He winked and she moved closer caressing him deliberately putting the moves on him.  “Ok, ok, I shouldn’t have said that even teasingly.”  Eliea laughed and laid one on his lips.

“Hehem.  We know he’s here, there’s no doubt now.  A single incident in Ucluelet would obviously raise an alert but not necessarily connect with you personally.  However, the attack here changes everything.”

“Two incidents linked to your family would have anyone in law enforcement taking a harder more serious look to find a connection.  A follow-up would occur and what happened with your cat would immediately figure into the equation.  He’d rightly assume you will have been questioned and another connection made with the letters and phone calls.  Now he’ll begin to quake in his boots wondering if he’s missed anything, left a clue that could lead back to him.  Do we know about him, do we have his scent?  He’ll second guess himself and that’s when he’ll make a bigger mistake.”

Since Christina had been involved in both incidents, everyone watched her carefully.  She wanted to get out for a bit so they wandered a few shopping malls and ended up at the fair.  Although she hurt too much to consider the more exotic rides, she managed the ferris wheel and enjoyed her cotton candy.  Andrew rode every ride and they watched on with amusement at his obvious enthusiasm.

They joined another couple and they encouraged other “friends” to join them and when they were finished with the fair, headed to a family restaurant for dinner.  Even though it was a set up beginning to end, the entire evening passed delightfully, even Andrew got involved.


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