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Fragile as glass, misty, blurred, opaque

Everything hidden, everything at stake

Keep others away, never transparent

A shroud she’s worn as a deterrent

Who she is hidden away, as light diffused

Quietly sitting on the sidelines, subdued

Until one-day honesty and trust gained

No longer the need to be constrained

Never more a desire to hide or be sad

Joyous freedom was hers to be had








  1. Sheryl says:

    I find sometimes a simple poem can tell a story to be remembered such as this one. ❤ My mind has been thinking about inspiration lately and you are an inspirational person to me.


    • That is indeed lovely! I find you incredibly inspirational. Everything you write is thoughtful, and evokes emotion and downright beautiful. You are the epitome of a writer, Sheryl. I enjoy chatting with you too and if that poem was meant for me, than I humbly thank you.


  2. Sumyanna says:

    Lovely write. It is wonderful when we can finally be free to be ourselves.


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