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Mischievious #AtoZchallenge #amwriting


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Gabe had never met the woman he was teaming up with.  She’d run through a gamut of partners.  He’d heard she was capable reliable and brilliant.  That’s what her file indicated.  Some men couldn’t handle that in a woman.  Too few who could accept a woman could be strong determined powerful in her own way and were threatened by that strength.  He wasn’t.

In fact, they were requirements he expected, in any partner, on every level of his business.  Failure meant they put everyone at risk.  That he would not tolerate.

Since her file was a mile thick, he decided to take a look at this woman himself.  Partner with her for the six months she’d signed on for.

The six months had passed and as he sat writing up her review he was pleased.  If she wanted the job, it was hers, she’d earned it.  Her candor, wit, charm, capability, and  reliability were outstanding.  She was beyond brilliant in her performance and in sizing up any given situation.  Then there was the mischievous side he’d come to know.  She’d pull tricks and pranks, that sparkle rarely left her eye.  The only time it disappeared was on the job.  Her eyes dramatically changed the sparkle was gone, they were flat, perceptive intuitive.

Today it was his turn.  He’d towed her car to the impound plastered it with your fired slogans with balloons hanging out every conceivable space doors, windows, trunk, bumper, you name it, he’d added balloons. They said “Yours” “If”  “You” “Want” “It!”  Then he’d stood back and awaited her arrival.  She was a picture. Annoyance turned to shock to stunned to a smile a mile wide.  She scanned the area searching. When she found him her eyes twinkled and she gave him a thumbs up.  She was in.




  1. Margarita says:

    A play among equals. I like it, Phyllis! 😉 xoxoM


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