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Ships to Hardy


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I realize I’ve shared the Cruise Ships but I found a couple more to add 🙂  enjoy.Cruise Ships Port Hardy 001Cruise Ships Hardy Bay 001Ships Hardy Bay 001Ships Hardy Bay 002Ships Hardy Bay 003Ships Hardy Bay 004

Across the Bay is BC Ferries.  I used to book passage for those heading to Prince Rupert.



  1. These are amazing, when I visited Canada we went across to Vancouver Island twice on a ferry ⛴


    • I can’t remember the names (depending on when) they were decomissioned and new boats have taken their place. My daughter is an O.F.A. on board and makes 4 trips across daily. Queen of the North, the one I was on, sank. The engine was made in Germany and 50 years later ran like a top. Many came to experience it. It was fun and intersting.

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  2. Sumyanna says:

    Lovely photos. I remembering riding in them when I was a child. A precious memory!


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