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Love #AtoZchallenge #amwriting


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Rae was an expert on love.  You could ask her anything.  She proudly spouted the differences between each and the qualities pertaining to all eight kinds of love.  Having written an in depth article about how each kind of love affected a relationship and having taken the assignment to heart, she understood what the differences were.

Some were happy with erotic love but she knew that wore thin, most of her married friends agreed.  Her greatest hope was that she’d fine someone to be affectionate with first, so later on in the relationship, they cared about one another.  Of course, playful love was a must in order to keep a relationship going.

Yet love had escaped her.  You’d think she could find love easily, knowing what to look for.  Still she constantly mistook a man’s friendly affection for romantic love especially since she was the outdoorsy type who’d grown up with brothers and felt comfortable around men.  Most seemed to accept her as “one of the guys”.  Which she didn’t mind, it was good having guy friends to hang with, experience hiking, climbing and other scary activities a lot of her female friends couldn’t handle.

According to her mother who constantly ribbed her, her ideals were too high, she was looking in all the wrong places and she needed to stop behaving like one of the guys if she wanted to attract one.

What she truly wanted was a man who knew the differences and could communicate them comfortable within to be himself to display affection, love and tenderness too.

Rae wasn’t into trapping a guy (one of her mother’s suggestions).  She wanted someone who wanted her, who sought her out in order to spend time with her whether she was at her worst or her best.  Did this kind of package come in the male species she wondered.

Rae bounced between the two ideals.  One having that special someone to share everything important with, and staying single thereby remaining free of any kind of restriction on when and what she wanted to do.  It was a solitary life.  Somehow it wasn’t enough.




  1. Margarita says:

    I got lucky, Phyllis. My sweet husband is just that kind of man! 😉 xoxoM


  2. Roseelaineblog says:

    What’s erotic love lol, lol 😂


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