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Critical Error 66


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Eilea was delighted with spending the extra time with Brandon’s parents thereby learning more about them.  They were pretty level headed and enjoyed a good joke, a great combo in her mind. They wanted to rent a boat and take everyone water skiing.

Decision made, they had a crew following behind heading to the rental agency.  Before long,  they were assigned a boat and while Andrew, Theresa and Cliff boarded one boat, they headed toward another.  Within a few minutes their gear was on and they were setting off.  Christine, Brandon, Paul and Cliff sat on the water’s edge enjoyed the show.  In fact they were having so much fun that Eilea decided to give it a go amid ribbing and banter from the teens about her age and “mind over matter”.  She proved quite capable and she would have thumbed her nose at them if she’d felt secure enough to ski one handed.

She was nervous and excited.  Paul was in the boat with the parents and the teens stood on shore and watched.  Andrew seemed pensive but the other yelled encouragement and the ribbing went on.

Although her legs felt like jelly, she gave the thumbs up for another pass.  Finally ready to call a halt to the day’s activity so the others could take another turn, she was slowing down when another boat passed too close and the wash sent her flying.  She landed so close to the boat she could have cracked her head on it if she’d been any closer.

The kids were on their feet yelling profanity at the boat as it passed although they wouldn’t have heard or cared.

Paul was over the side of the boat in an instant and grabbing her held on making sure her head was well elevated.  When she had her bearings she held on staring him levelly in the eye. Neither said anything.

The other adults helped haul her on board and catching her breath she said, “Well that was worth repeating.  Would have enjoyed the dunking, but hey, that was great fun, thanks.”




  1. AprilEsutton says:

    I got all caught up, and can hardly wait for the rest.


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