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Copywrite Phyllis L. HoltHolberg BC 001Holberg BC 002

Had to include an explanation. lol.

Apparently years ago a warrant officer was transferred to the Canadian Armed Forces base in Holberg.  Crossing an access road to that base was another road used by the trucks of the Western Forest Products Company.  Loggers, after they have unloaded a logging truck, commonly hoist its trailer portion up behind the driver’s cap and carry it piggyback for its return journey with the “reach” (the long connecting bar) jutting out above the cab.  The warrant officer, seeing this strange sight for the first time, remarked the empty trucks looked like elephants hold up their trunks.  Therefore, this intersection became known as Elephant Crossing, a sign here was embellished with pink elephants, and the name found it’s way into the Gazetteer of Canada.  The crossing sign was there well after the base closed.  I haven’t been back in years and am at this point unsure if it remains.  I must check into that!  (The pictures are Copyrighted by Phyllis L. Holt) but the explanation comes from British Columbia Place Names written by G.P.V. and Helen Akrigg.  I figured you might enjoy an explanation.

I believe this picture is self-explanatory and so humourous I had to include it as it “just happened” and I managed to snap a picture at the time.Puppy Dog 001



  1. Roseelaineblog says:

    Haha, sleep well Phyllis x


  2. Love it Now says:



  3. Margarita says:

    Those serendipitous snaps are the best, Phyllis. Especially when you bring them home and see things you didn’t see at the time! 😉 xoxoM


  4. updownflight says:

    Thanks for sharing! These were funny, especially the dog.


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