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Psychology of Colour continued


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VIOLET – Spiritual

The Positive side takes awareness to a higher level of thought, often into the realms of spiritual values. Highly introvertive (I don’t know, is that a word?), violet encourages deep contemplation or meditation.  Often associated with royalty and usually communicates the finest possible quality. It is also associated with time space and the cosmos.

The Negative side if used excessively, can bring too much introspection and the wrong tone communicates cheap and nasty faster than any other colour.


The Positive side promotes comfort, warmth, security, passion, abundance, fun and often is associated with food.  Ever wonder why A & W and many other restaurants are painted orange????

 The Negative side can make some feel deprived, frustrated or conversely indulge in frivolity and immaturity. (Personally, I think it’s great to have fun just sayin)

 Pink –

The positive side of red also affects us on a physical level, but it soothes rather than stimulates. Psychologically, pink is powerful especially representing the feminine principle and survival of the species.  It is considered nurturing and soothing.

The Negative Side of pink is that it can be draining and emasculating and induce certain people to anger after first calming them down.


The Positive side of gray is it has no direct psychological properties, how about that! It is quite suppressive for all that.  It’s almost in the black and white category of “no colour” as it has a virtual “absence of colour”.

The Negative side of grey promotes lack of confidence and has a dampening effect on other colours it’s used with.  Perhaps this has something to do with the fact we are conditioned to some degree – when the world turns grey, we draw in and prepare to hibernate.

Grey also comes in a multitude of colours, and if using grey, it’s a must to take along a sample of the EXACT grey you wish to use as it often has green, white, black, added and comes across as yellow or a shade of another colour added and will change markedly depending on the colours around it.  Whenever you use grey, go with one paint and stick with it, as another paint company may not be able to match it.


The Positive side (is there a negative side?) is the sophistication, glamour security emotional safety and efficiency associated. Sophistication, glamour, security, emotional safety, efficiency, substance. Black communicates absolute clarity with no fine nuances.  It is uncompromising excellence and works obviously well with white.  Black also creates a perception of weight and seriousness.

The Negative side is that it can be considered oppressive, cold, menacing and heavy to some.

It is also a myth that black clothes are slimming.  Your “personal colours” are slimming. So if you are a summer for instance, dark chocolate brown is slimming while autumns will find warm golden brown slimming. Springs will find soft golden brown slimming and for winters, black is slimming.

Having written this, I hope you will also take it with a grain of salt.  You, and you alone, know how colour affects you.  These are examples of what through time, we have found effects people.  While it is truth for many, it may not be your truth.  So enjoy colour in all its vibrant uniqueness.



  1. I find this so fascinating, I love reading all about colours 🌹


  2. AprilEsutton says:

    That’s a good start. Lots left to the wheel. Didn’t know that about gray.


  3. So true about too much violet being tacky and cheap! I think I only like it in flowers or crystals, man made violet doesn’t seem to work xx


    • I LOVE violet flowers and crystals and your right, the other can look really tacky, it has to be handled carefully with full awareness of light sources around it otherwise it can look pretty nasty.


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