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#AtoZchallenge #amwriting Jealous


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Maxxy was jealous of everything.  It didn’t matter what it was or who was involved or what they had.  She didn’t!  That’s all she saw.  Someone else had something new different, whether it was physical or a brainstorm, she wanted it and set about taking it.  She had no close friends.  She was cruel, vicious, mean-spirited and aggressive.  Then sat back and commiserated with herself about what a miserable horrible unfair world it was.

Many had tried, some hung in there longer than others, but eventually, they all left realizing it was a lost cause.  Their efforts met with cold austere dislike as she plunged a knife into their back desiccating eviscerating unappreciative and without any love or affection to redeem her shortcomings.

Today was her come-uppance as it were.  She’d had her eye on a new man who was smart attractive appealing.  For the first time in her brief life, she desired someone who wouldn’t give her the time of day.

Then surprisingly, he did. Delighted with the turn of events, she made room for him in her life.  Progress.  They shared delightful blissful dinners, evenings and nights.  Until she woke up and he was simply gone.  And with him, everything she had.  Her bank account was empty.  Her room ransacked and anything of value was gone.  She was empty.

Binoculars trained on her window he watched and applauded.  His sister, who’d been one of her victims was avenged.  He turned, smiled and walked on.


  1. Roseelaineblog says:

    She should have been a nicer person, karma strikes again 😉


  2. Oooooh cruel but serves her right I suppose 😉


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