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Critical Error 63


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Eilea was missing her early morning run; determined to get back to it today, she dawned her gear and quietly let herself out, began stretching before hurrying to the water’s edge. Perhaps run off the concern and worry dogging her thoughts, along with the refreshing feeling she always received by exercising.  What more idyllic scene than the one before her.  The sun’s promise, gorgeous blue calm waters and fresh sea air to fill her lungs.

She would have preferred some alone time, but the second she hit the sandy shore, Paul raced up beside her.  He looked sideways at her with a telling look.  “I know, I know, I wanted some peace quiet and alone time.”

“No problem, I won’t say a word.”  She couldn’t help but smile at the roguish look in his eyes.

Together they began pacing themselves.  Eilea wasn’t into full out jogging and Paul settled in matching his pace to hers.  They jogged the entire length of beach stopping at the blow-hole to watch ships passing in the distance.  Paul took her in his arms and held on tight while laying his chin on her head.  “Beautiful.  Nature in all her glory.”

“It is. I love it.  Just smell the air, it’s fresh, clean, glorious.  And that sunrise?  Who could ask for more?!  It’s the small pleasures in life that mean so much.  They fill the mind, body, and soul.”

He would have come back with a bawdy remark but realized it wasn’t the moment for it and continued watching the changing scene as it played out around them.  “I guess we should get back, no doubt the teens are up by now, raring to go.”

“What’s the plan for today?”  Eilea asked as she pulled away and began jogging.  Paul grabbed her hand and held on.   “We begin showing the world how much we care about each other.”

“I can get behind that,” Eilea smirked.

“Think the kids are prepared?”

“I’m sure they can and will go along with the plan.  They don’t have a choice in this at least.  I laid the situation out clearly, they know what’s going on and I suggested they play along …”

“And, if it becomes more?”

“Then it does.”

They finished the run invigorated, feeling on top of the world.  When they entered the cabin, the girls were preparing a hearty breakfast while the boys were setting out dishes.  “Hey, gotta love this, teamwork!”

“Back in a few.”  She headed off to shower and change.

When she was dressed she entered the living room and found a game of body tackle in one corner and chess in the other.  Theresa interrupted the free-for-all letting them know breakfast was ready.

As usual, the teens woofed down their food and were great about cleaning up before heading to the hospital to retrieve Christina and Brandon.

Although they didn’t look too worse for wear, they walked gingerly tenderly.  The doctor gave them each a prescription should they require it and wished them well.

Eilea watched on as the circle complete, the ribbing began.  It was a relief watching them interact, almost as though the incident hadn’t happened.




  1. I’m loving how this is progressing!


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