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AtoZ April Challenge H


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“Why is Jenny in handcuffs and why are the cops taking her away?” April asked stunned.

“There was a theft in her department and they think it was her,” Dawn’s smile held acrimony.

“That’s not possible, she’s the most honest woman I’ve ever met. Honest and fair!”

“Says you!”

“Yeah, says me and everyone that knows her.  She’s not capable of deception let alone theft.  There’s a mistake.  She’s been set up.”

“Why would anyone want to do that?” Dawn looked sideway through eyes the size of slits.”

“I don’t know, but I’ll find out.”

“If you know what’s good for you, you’ll leave it alone.”

“Are you threatening me, Dawn, are you responsible for this?”

“Leave it alone, April.  There’s more where that came from.”  She nodded toward Jenny.

“So, it was you then.”  Dawn walked away, a strut in her step, one of those walks that carried a threat.

April waited until she’d disappeared before heading to her boss’s office. “Max, you know this is a mistake, right?”

“Yeah, it is and we’re going to do something about it.”

“What?”  April asked, eyes wide with fear, concern, and excitement.

“Leave it to me, April. I’m pretty sure I know how this went down but it’s going to take me time to place the puzzle pieces in order and clear Jenny.”

“Want me to watch Dawn?”

“Furtively, if you can, but be careful.  She has more irons in the fire.  She’s as dishonest as it gets and not without the power to follow through as you’ve just seen.”

“What’s she going to do, take the entire office down one by one?”

“She has connections, willing and able to assist her.”

Dawning realization hit.  “You’re in love with Jenny.”

“What of it?” Max asked as he stood confidently.

“Good to know she has an honest caring man on her side. And a best friend that will go to the mat for her.  We can do this, Max.  We need to do this. She’s never done anything to deserve this.”

“No, and we’re going to free her. When the chips fall, they’ll fall hard, where they belong.”

They watched as Dawn poked her head in the outer office door. “That one needs a take-down.”

“It’s coming.  And the fall is going to hurt for a long time,” Max promised.




  1. You tell such a great story!!


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