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Gracious Julia #AtoZChallenge #AMWRITING


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Guenevere was furious, stomping around the room raving and ranting.  How did this happen? Why hadn’t she seen it coming? She was green with envy.  Her twin sister Julia always ended up with the man.  This time she was marrying him, the man, the one and only, the one she’d dreamed of daily for over a year and a half.

It was Julia he preferred even though it was she that had made the move, daring to approach him and introduce herself.  Even then he’d had eyes for Julia now that she thought about it.  How she hated her – her sister’s betrayal stark in her mind. Fired, her anger raged out of control. They’d both pay!

They were polar opposites with Julia being softer, gentler, calmer, brilliant in word and gracious in deed. While her twin was brash, often cruel, with a wall a mile high around her.  On occasion, Julia managed to break it down and get inside to the real sister the one she loved wholeheartedly.

Her love for Dom knew no bounds.  It had been effortless, freeing, empowering, special.  She recalled their meeting as if it were yesterday.  He’d bypassed her vivacious bold attention getting twin, the one everyone flocked to, instead stared endlessly at her until he’d made his way to her side and introduced himself.

Immediately she’d been lost, or found.  They’d become inseparable, spending hours wandering town looking at art, graffiti, attending art shows, galleries, or simply sitting on a blanket at the beach, as long as they were together, they were happy, ecstatic.

On this their wedding day, her heart was filled to overflowing wit emotions from hope, happiness, joy and excitement that threatened to overwhelm her, their intensity so great.

The one sad moment that hurt beyond measure was her sister’s absence.  She was to have been her bridesmaid but clearly that was an impossibility.

Cards were piled on the entry table and as she was about to walk out the door on her father’s arm, when a note was delivered.

She wasn’t sure why she stopped to open it, but she did.  Inside, four words, “Murderer! You shall pay!”  Dropping the note, shocked as she recognized her sister’s handwriting she stumbled and raced down the steps to her car.  There was no standing against what Guenevere would do, was capable of.  To protect her love, she fled.



  1. AprilEsutton says:

    Guess she never heard you should never let a man between you and you sister.


  2. Roseelaineblog says:



  3. Sumyanna says:

    Wonderful story. Oh, the woes of the jealous heart!


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